Get to know the cast of "Pretty Wicked Moms":
Emily - Pretty Wicked Moms


The Queen Bee

Originally from Mississippi and having moved recently to Atlanta with her husband Pete and their daughter Amzie, Emily can be found juggling motherhood and managing her fashion boutique, Swank, round the clock.

Nicole N - Pretty Wicked Moms

Nicole N.

The Doggy Mom

Currently residing in Birmingham, Alabama, Nicole N. is the mother to her Shih-Tzu, Sommer. They can be found almost always by each other's side with Sommer either traveling in her couture dog carrier or in her hot pink stroller.

Miranda - Pretty Wicked Moms


The Southern Belle

Born and reared in the South, Miranda values her Southern upbringing of hospitality and manners. She is a stay-at-home mom and with the help of her husband, Chris, they raise their son Ledger on a strict schedule.

Nicole B - Pretty Wicked Moms

Nicole B.

The Alpha Mom

Nicole B. is and her husband Craig, are very health conscious when it comes to their fitness and the well-being of their daughter, McKinley. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, Nicole spends time to make home-cooked meals for her family, ensuring that her daughter only eats food that is unprocessed and nutritious.

Meredith - Pretty Wicked Moms


The Newbie

Growing up in Atlanta, Meredith is a stay-at-home mom and is the self-appointed CEO of the Underwood Household. She is married to Brad and they have a daughter, Addison, name after the character Addison Montgomery from "Grey’s Anatomy" and "Private Practice."

Marci - Pretty Wicked Moms


The Divorcee

Recently divorced, Marci is raising her three kids, Dylan, Andrew and Jordan while running her sunglasses company, Everything Sunny, USA. She makes it a point to cook every night for her kids and sit down together for dinner.