Picker Sisters Tanya McQueenTanya McQueen is a proud Texas native and a Southern girl through and through. In fact, she still splits her time between Los Angeles and the tiny town of 3,000 where she was born and raised.

It was there that Tanya discovered her love of design and transformation, starting a business restoring and flipping historic homes. And it was while she was running that business that Hollywood discovered Tanya. She was asked to appear on the television show “Property Ladder” and then was tapped to join the Design Team on the hit series “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

Television allowed Tanya to combine her passions, transforming lives and spaces while entertaining millions of viewers every week. And today, Tanya is thrilled to be a little bit of everything: designer, entrepreneur, television host, mother and wife.

Tanya lives a life as eclectic and original as her tastes. So it’s no surprise she believes that people should listen to their gut when designing their life and home. “If it makes you smile, squeal or have that crazy, ‘I gotta have it’ feeling,’ then it belongs in your life,” Tanya says. “I like living with things that have a story, things that allow people to get a glimpse into who I am and what I am about.”

Perhaps that explains why Tanya has decided to grab her best friend and hit the road in search of amazing stuff and incredible stories. She’s determined to find beauty in the most unlikely places, and transform even the rustiest junk into something magical.

Because if her own journey has taught her anything, it’s this: Everything can be reinvented. Even people. And while something (or someone) may start off in a small farming town in Texas, you just never know where the road will lead.