One Born Every Minute Hospital Staff

Meet the staff of Riverside Methodist Hospital, the team that keeps newborn babies healthy and happy.

Dr. Stuart Jones: One Born Every Minute

Dr. Stuart Jones

Chief of Women's Health

Dr. Stuart Jones has been at Riverside for 18 years. When he's not in a delivery, you can usually find him hanging out at the nurses' station, joking with the residents or posing for the family albums, holding the baby he's just delivered.

One Born Every Minute: Dr. Tom Harmon

Dr. Tom Harmon

Dr. Tom Harmon became interested in medicine in high school. His father was in optometry. He has been a doctor for 23 years, 19 of which has been at Riverside. Dr. Harmon finds his job to incredibly rewarding and is honored to share in birth experience with patients.

Dr. Kimberly Shepherd: One Born Every Minute

Dr. Kimberly Shepherd


Texas native Dr. Shepherd has been at Riverside for 11 years and has three boys of her own. She feels lucky to get the chance to see women through their journeys from adolescence to parenthood. Work to her seems more like getting to talk to forty friends a day.

One Born Every Minute: Dr. Jason Melillo

Dr. Jason Melillo

Dr. Jason Melillo has been a doctor for 15 years. Dr. Melillo didn't choose medicine; it chose him. He studied English in college, but after spending a day shadowing a general surgeon, he was hooked.

One Born Every Minute: Dr. Mini

Dr. Mini Somasundaram

Labor and Delivery Attending

Dr. Mini has been at Riverside Methodist hospital for seven years. Coming from three generations of doctors, she was destined to follow in their footsteps. Among the residents she is known as a strict teacher.

Mary Englehart: One Born Every Minute

Mary Englehart

Labor and Delivery RN Nurse Manager

Mary Englehart has been at Riverside Methodist hospital for 21 years. She has two adopted sons and although she has never experienced labor herself, she can relate to her patients, mother to mother. Englehart loves the high-risk emergency cases where the whole team flies into action to save a baby and mom against all odds.

Jen Thompson: One Born Every Minute

Jen Thompson

Triage RN

Inspired by her mother who is also a nurse, Jen has worked in nursing for almost nine years and at Riverside for four. She loves the chaos that comes along with working in the triage and enjoys getting to work with some of her closest friends.

Tovie Dewey: One Born Every Minute

Tovie Dewey

Labor and Delivery RN

Tovie has been a nurse for 13 years, eight of them at Riverside Methodist Hospital. She loves the people &#151 both the patients and the staff &#151 and the daily adventures that come along with being a Labor and Delivery RN.

One Born Every Minute: Nurse Amanda Monaghan

Amanda Monaghan

Labor and Delivery RN

Amanda Monaghan has been working at Riverside Methodist for six years. She enjoys working nights because the nurses and residents like to have fun when things are slow. They do everything from birthing-ball races to IV-pole dancing.

Linda Kaskiw: One Born Every Minute

Linda Kaskiw

Labor and Delivery RN

Linda has been a nurse for 28 years, 20 of which have been spent at Riverside Methodist Hospital. Linda has two children and four grandchildren and she loves spending time with her family — a love that's followed closely by her love of chocolate. Linda says the best part of her job is sharing in the most important day of her patients' lives. In retirement, Linda plans to travel the world.