Mom & Baby Astrology

What is in the stars for you and your child? What does your baby's due date really mean? What challenges do Scorpio moms face? Discover these answers and more with Astrology sections specially-tailored for parents and their babies.
Mom Horoscopes

Your astrological sign says a lot about you, including the strengths and challenges you face as a mother. Use the insight found in the Mamascopes to help create harmony within your family relationships.

Child Horoscopes
Child Horoscopes

Learn more about your baby by reading what their astrological signs say about them in the Child Horoscopes. Get parenting tips tailored for each sign and discover the meaning behind some of your child's most unique traits.

Due Date & Birthday Numerology

Enter in your baby's name and due date or birthday to get a Numerology Reading that reveals a lot about his or her personality, talent, life challenges and destiny.