Santino Rice's Fashion Advice

Even if Austin Scarlett and Santino Rice aren't coming to your hometown to handcraft a one-of-a-kind fab frock, you can still get their fashion advice! Take some tips from Santino on how to save money and still look chic.

Can great style be achieved on a budget? What are your favorite discount/budget-friendly stores?

Great style can be achieved on a budget, but no budget is always the best budget. Outlet malls are a great place to find deals, but I’m always on the lookout for things. Great style doesn’t necessarily have to have a huge price tag.

Many women get their daily dose of fashion from what celebrities are wearing. Who do you think are the best stars for the average woman to take style tips from?

M.I.A., Rihanna, Johnny Depp.

Where would you advise someone who considers herself “unfashionable” or stuck in a style rut to find fashion inspiration?

Pick up magazines and watch Fellini movies.

What is one recent fashion trend you want to ban forever?

I don’t believe in banning anything. I believe you can do anything well if it’s done with purpose and taste.

What fashion rules do you think are better to break than abide by?

No rules — ever!

What is your advice to someone who feels like they have limited shopping or fashion options where they live?

Try the Internet!

How can women adapt what they see on runways to what they wear day-to-day?

It’s all about experimenting with fashion and seeing what works for your body type.

If someone says they hate shopping, what is your advice to them?

Go with a friend and try to make it a fun experience.

What are your best tips for looking fabulous on a budget?

Pay attention to fit and ... Natural fabrics are the way to go; many can be found at a reasonable price point. Stay away from synthetics if you can.

What are some pieces you think every woman should invest in?

A beautiful cocktail dress, a great pair of heels, and skinny jeans.