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Cast of On the Road With Austin & Santino

Designer Austin Scarlett is known for his personally glamorous style almost as much as for the exquisite one-of-a-kind fashions he creates. A native of Eugene, Oregon, Scarlett has had a natural flair for style since he was a child. At age 16, he moved to New York to train at the Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduating, Scarlett continued to work with the school’s famous archive and museum, where he was able to study the examples of the world’s greatest designers firsthand.

Fashion Designer Santino Rice

Los Angeles–based fashion designer Santino Rice is no stranger to the world of fashion. After working in the industry for nearly 15 years, Rice gained international recognition five years ago, as the breakout star of “Project Runway” Season 2. Either adored or despised for his cutting wit and directional designs, Rice is still undeniably one of the most memorable and discussed fashion designers from the series.More on Santino Rice