Austin Scarlett's Fashion Tips

Even if Austin Scarlett and Santino Rice aren't coming to your hometown to handcraft a one-of-a-kind fab frock, you can still get their fashion advice! Take some tips from Austin about how to save money and still look chic.

Can great style be achieved on a budget? What are your favorite discount/budget-friendly stores?

Great style can never be achieved merely by spending a lot on designer clothes. The truly stylish woman can be chic on any budget. Some of my favorite sources for fashion treasures are flea markets and vintage shops. There, one can find beautiful things with materials and craftsmanship that hardly exist anymore, at an amazing value.

Many women get their daily dose of fashion from what celebrities are wearing. Who do you think are the best stars for the average woman to take style tips from?

Two celebrities who I think are always stylish are Cate Blanchett and Penélope Cruz. Cate is always chic and cool, and Penélope is sexy, glamorous yet ladylike.

Where would you advise someone who considers herself “unfashionable” or stuck in a style rut to find fashion inspiration?

Paris, of course! But if you can’t make it there this fall, I recommend watching our show.

What is one recent fashion trend you want to ban forever?

Ugg boots should be banned from existence and every last pair piled up and burned.

What fashion rules do you think are better to break than abide by?

I personally believe the rule about never leaving the house without white gloves may be relaxed slightly when one goes to the farmers’ market for root vegetables.

What is your advice to someone who feels like they have limited shopping or fashion options where they live?

If someone feels they would like to expand their limited fashion options, I would say one of the best ways is to take up sewing. Save money, look great and express your creativity!

How can women adapt what they see on runways to what they wear day-to-day?

When the everyday woman watches runway shows, she should be looking for colors, trends in materials and accessories, and different silhouettes that work with her own figure.

If someone says they hate shopping, what is your advice to them?

Hating isn’t healthy. Everything worth having takes a little work. With just a little effort you can be well-dressed, and with that come many levels of rewards.

What are your best tips for looking fabulous on a budget?

An assortment of good silk scarves provides endless style possibilities, and they can be draped and tied to suit any fashion or purpose. Vintage, handcrafted or designer scarves are an essential element in any well-dressed woman’s (or man’s) wardrobe.

What are some pieces you think every woman should invest in?

No designer could ever dispute that the single most important article for any woman’s wardrobe is the little black dress. Dressed up or down, a simply styled, but well-made, black dress is the most versatile, timeless garment one can own and should be selected with years of use in mind.

After that, I would say a little bit of fine jewelry is something every woman should have. A good string of pearls or simple diamond stud earrings are never out of fashion.