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S 2017 E 10

Orlando Pride vs. Houston Dash

Aired on Jun 24, 2017

Five-time FIFA World Player of the Year, Marta, and the Orlando Pride take on the reigning two-time FIFA World Player of the Year, Carli Lloyd, and the Houston Dash from Orlando City Stadium in Orlando, FL.

S 2017 E 9

Chicago Red Stars vs. Washington Spirit

Aired on Jun 17, 2017

Christen Press and the Chicago Red Stars take on Washington Spirit at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL.

S 2017 E 8

North Carolina Courage vs. FC Kansas City

2016 NWSL MVP Lynn Williams and the North Carolina Courage take on Becky Sauerbrunn and FC Kansas City at Sahlen’s Stadium at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, NC.

S 2017 E 7

Houston Dash vs. Seattle Reign FC

Morgan Brian and the Houston Dash host Megan Rapinoe and the Seattle Reign FC at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston, TX.

S 2017 E 6

Sky Blue FC vs. Houston Dash

Aired on May 20, 2017

Christie Pearce and Sky Blue FC host Morgan Brian and the Houston Dash at Yurcak Field in Piscataway, NJ.

S 2017 E 5

Houston Dash vs. Sky Blue FC

Aired on May 13, 2017

Kealia Ohai and the Houston Dash host 2016 NWSL Rookie of the Year Raquel Rodriguez and Sky Blue FC at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston, Texas.

S 2017 E 4

Chicago Red Stars vs. Houston Dash

Aired on May 06, 2017

Julie Ertz and the Chicago Red Stars (1-2-0) host Kealia Ohai and the Houston Dash (2-1-0) at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois. Ohai comes into the game having scored 13 goals in her last 13 NWSL games.

S 2017 E 3

Portland Thorns FC vs. Chicago Red Stars

Aired on Apr 29, 2017

The 2016 NWSL Shield holders, Portland Thorns FC, host the Chicago Red Stars at Providence Park in Portland, Oregon.

S 2017 E 2

Orlando Pride vs. Washington Spirit

Aired on Apr 22, 2017

Ali Krieger and the Orlando Pride host Krieger’s former team, Washington Spirit, at Orlando City Stadium in Orlando, Florida. Five-time FIFA Player of the Year, Brazil’s Marta, is expected to make her NWSL debut.

S 2017 E 1

Portland Thorns FC vs. Orlando Pride

Aired on Apr 15, 2017

Christine Sinclair, Allie Long and Portland Thorns FC host 2016 NWSL Goalkeeper of the Year Ashlyn Harris and the Orlando Pride for the Thorns’ home opener at Providence Park in Portland, Oregon.

  • Player Profile: Sydney Leroux

  • Player Profile: Sarah Hagen (Houston Dash)

  • Player Profile: Raquel Rodriguez


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