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Devious Maids: Episode 13 (Look Back in Anger)
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Episode 5 (Celebrity Sex)

Season 1, Episode 5 - Season 1: Episode 5 (Celebrity Sex). When her mom got ill, Kristin needed money and started an escort agency with clients like Eliot Spitzer. Hailey had no idea that moving back home would turn her into Jon Gosselin's famous "other woman".
Season 1, Episode 5 - Season 1: Episode 5 (Celebrity Sex). Original air date: 11/14/12. Kristin was a poor girl from California who surprised everyone she knew when she left her past behind her and worked her way up to VP at a New York hedge fund. But in the boys' club of the high finance world, Kristin hit the "glass ceiling." When Kristin's mother got ill, she needed money and decided to use her new base of knowledge to start a high-end escort agency. Kristin soon grew to become very successful, with high profile clients like Mommar Qadaffi and Eliot Spitzer. But when Spitzer got caught with a call girl, everything Kristin had worked for was put at risk. Growing up in the exclusive suburbs outside of New York City, Hailey didn t pay much attention to television trends and pop culture. So when she returned from college to find Jon Gosselin from the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 secretly living at her parents' house, she had no idea that a friendship would turn her into the most famous "other woman" on the planet. Check out My Life is a Lifetime Movie photos and extras!

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