About Mom's Cooking

Does your mom have a signature dish? Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook it? Lifetime premieres “Mom’s Cooking,” a heartfelt cooking show that takes each participant inside her mother’s kitchen to learn how to cook a favorite recipe from childhood.

Missed an episode or an ingredient from the show? Use the "Mom's Cooking" recipe guide for all the recipes and full episodes.

In each episode of “Mom’s Cooking,” host Joe Corsano follows one eager participant as she surprises and enlists her mother to teach her how to make a treasured recipe step-by-step. Corsano guides the women as they bond throughout the cooking process and recount memories surrounding the preparation of the meal. After working together in the kitchen, mother and daughter share the final product with family members.

Family favorite meals for generations like traditional staples from New York to the Southern-style cooking of Atlanta, are featured in every episode.

“Mom’s Cooking” is produced by Boy Wonder Productions (“Under Construction”) for Lifetime Television. Michael Morrissey serves as executive producer.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Michael Morrissey began his career in entertainment as a writer for both television and feature films. In 2003, Morrissey sold his first feature screenplay, entitled “King’s Highway,” to Sony Pictures. In 2006, Morrissey started his own production company, Boy Wonder Productions. Boy Wonder Productions first project was the docu-soap “Under Construction” for DIY Network, which will launch its third season in 2009. Morrissey’s television credits also include OLN’s “Off the Hook,” which he wrote and directed.

The idea for “Mom’s Cooking” was inspired by Morrissey’s own mother’s home cooking.