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Traci Harrison

•For the past 13 years, Traci has worked as an actor and regular stand-in on movies and TV shows. Some of her favorite sets include "The Bernie Mac Show" and "We Bought a Zoo," with Matt Damon.
•She also attends Cal State University San Bernardino and is on track to graduate this year with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Theatre Arts.
•She would eventually like to obtain her teaching credentials and become a studio teacher for child actors on set.

•Born and raised in Southern California, Traci is the only little person in her family.
•She describes herself as a Christian who lives a semi-conservative lifestyle and enjoys spending her free time taking part in family activities with her fiancé Erik and nine-year-old niece Kinsey.

•Traci is currently engaged to Erik Tsou, who is also a little person.
•Traci and Erik have been dating for three years and plan on tying the knot this year. They originally connected on the dating site DateaLittle.com.