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  • Brian Manson from Little Women: LA
  • Christy McGinty from Little Women: LA
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  • Traci Harrison from Little Women: LA

Christy McGinty

•Christy has been acting for several years. She worked on "Death to Smoochie" and she’s had many television roles, national commercials and she’s stood in for child actors on a number of films.
•She now works from home as a financial advisor.

•Christy is originally from Burbank, CA. She currently resides in Simi Valley, CA.
•She describes herself as “an on-the-go person.” Christy loves being a mom and she’s extremely spontaneous and easily distracted. As she explains, “I have to make lists so my life isn’t so scattered."

•Christy is in a relationship with Todd Gibel and wants to get engaged and married as soon as possible!
•Todd is also a little person and they met online. Todd is now moving to LA so they can live together.
•Christy has two teenagers from a previous marriage, Autumn and Trenton. Besides herself, they are the only little people in her family.