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CHARACTER: Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams uses her supernatural gift for speaking with the dead to bring the living messages from the other side.

Lisa Williams

Although Lisa Williams has been aware of her psychic abilities since the age of seven, it wasn’t until her grandmother’s death in 1996 that Lisa fully embraced her “second sight.” Frances Glazebrook, Lisa’s grandmother, had been a renowned psychic medium, reading for politicians, royalty, pop bands and businessmen in her native England. She was also a “secret weapon” in the arsenal of many American CEOs.

“When I was 19,” Williams remembers, “my grandmother told me I would continue her work when she passed on.” Over the next few years, Lisa found herself telling total strangers about their lives and what was in store for them. She saw their family members and friends who were on “the other side” and brought comfort to the living by transmitting messages. She also was helping with police investigations.

Blessed with a fine voice, Williams had been lead vocalist with a band and a “Red Coat” entertainer at the famous English vacation camp Butlins. As a young single mother, she supported herself with a variety of office jobs and sales positions. It wasn’t until her extensive waiting list of people asking for private consultations was six months long that she felt she could devote herself full-time to her spiritual calling. She continued to develop her gifts, which also include Reiki and crystal healing. Like her grandmother before her, Lisa also began to read for senior members of the international business community and high-profile celebrities worldwide.

When the late Merv Griffin heard about the remarkable English clairvoyant from a friend, he asked her to join the panel of a show he was developing. “She came onto the set looking very ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ with her spiked hair, her Worcestershire accent and her infectious grin,” Griffin said. He went on to say, “The audience responded to her totally, and suddenly my entire concept for the show changed. The result was ‘Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead.’”

Williams has tried to explain what happens to her during her encounters: “I allow the spirit of the departed to come close and enter my energy. If I walk into a place that has some activity, I can define who and what is the energy, as well as what happened there. When it’s needed, I will clear that spirit over to the other side. Often, this enables a grieving family to finally say goodbye and feel at peace.” Lisa also says she can find anything that’s lost, using messages she gets from the departed.

Born in Birmingham, England, Williams makes her home both in the small town of Reddich in picturesque Worcestershire and in Los Angeles, California. She lives with her husband, Kevin, and her son, Charlie, age seven, who has already shown an inherited gift for natural healing and talking with spirits.