Kirstie Alley's Big Life Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Tipping Point

Kirstie steps on the scale and reveals her weight to world. After an ugly run-in with the paparazzi, she decides to shed all those excess pounds the tabloids love to feature on their covers. Follow Kirstie Alley and her larger than life personality as she attempts to lose weight, start a business, and raise two teenagers, all of it on her terms.

Episode 2: Good Help is Hard to Find

Kirstie enlists her hefty handyman, Jim, in her battle with the bulge. But after just one half-hearted workout, Kirstie gives her clueless assistant, Kyle, the job of finding the perfect professional trainer.

Episode 3: Jimmy Pig

While Kirstie frantically prepares to launch her new weight loss line, Kyle does some detective work and learns Jim has a juicy little secret.

Episode 4: Oh Rats! It's My Birthday!

Kirstie tries to spice up her life taking salsa dancing lessons. Jim must protect the house from uninvited guests. Meanwhile, True and Lillie set up a memorable surprise party for their mom's birthday.

Episode 5: Swimmin' In the Rain

Kirstie and the "girls" escape to a super spa to jumpstart her stalled diet, leaving True and handyman Jim to fend for themselves. As storm clouds gather, tempers flair, and pounds are shed.

Episode 6: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

When the staff makes grumblings about their jobs, Kirstie decides to show them who's boss. The confident matriarch takes a turn at every job in the house but soon learns that barking orders and doing chores are two very different things.

Episode 7: They Tried to Make Me Go to Twee-hab

Kirstie's social networking is out of control. So much so that the gang decides to have an intervention. The first step to recovery: a week of being Twitter-free. With so much free time, Kirstie focuses her extra time on her loved ones. But is that really what they want?

Episode 8: The Way We Weren't

Kirstie's maternal instincts are in high gear as she challenges True to a week of adulthood to see if he can hack it out in the real world. Meanwhile, 300-pound baby, Jim, is under the weather and Kirstie must nurse him back to health.

Episode 9: Preparation-K

A pleasant surprise at the house serves as a wake-up call for Kirstie who decides the house, staff, and all the animals, must be prepared for anything. Meanwhile, Jim takes True under his wing to teach him about what it really means to be a man.

Episode 10: As Seen on TV

Some thunder from Down Under sends shockwaves through the house. Meanwhile, Kirstie and Jim turn on the TV to get in shape.

Episode 11: Fat Like Me

Kirstie makes the "skinnies" walk a mile in her "fat, unhealthy shoes," while Lillie is driven crazy by her mom's back-seat driving.

Episode 12: Cou-ga-roo

Kirstie falls for a new boy toy? Really? Her gang investigates and comes to a shocking conclusion.