Kim Gravel

Pageant coach and ballsy chief-in-charge, Kim Gravel is in her zone spotting young talent and propelling young girls into the spotlight, securing sash and crown.

The very first pageant Gravel entered at the age of 16, she won and continued her streak all the way to Miss Georgia. Chosen as a Goodwill Ambassador to Japan at the Miss America Pageant, she has always shown enormous talent in her communication and presentation skills. At Pageant Place, Gravel has the opportunity to share her incredible talents, along with her over the top, engaging personality with the young girls who seek her wealth of knowledge and know-how.

A master at seeing the gift each person has inside of them, Gravel shares, "I see things in young girls they don’t see in themselves." She wants nothing more for the girls she meets and mentors than to be all they can be and take on the world with confidence. Utilizing Gravel’s bottomless bag of tips and tricks, she transforms small town, country girls into classy, confident beauty queens.

Gravel, along with her mom, Jo and sister, Allisyn, (who are former pageant queens themselves), work together to bring out the inner beauty in all the girls who walk into Pageant Place. A fierce fiery trio, they teach the girls valuable lessons in presentation, poise and talent. As Gravel shares, "We’ll tear 'em down, then bring 'em back up."