Kim's younger sister, Allisyn is eager to dig her heels in and help in the family business. Yet, she is the rebellious youngest child who is more skilled in getting herself into sticky situations than balancing budgets and maintaining any semblance of order.

Allisyn brings the comedy with her party girl mentality and adventurous spirit. Pregnant at 19 and having her share of screw-ups over the years, Kim's younger sister is the outgoing, lively one who always has something to say and ultimately, something to learn.

At Pageant Place, Allisyn lends a helping hand wherever Kim needs it, but excels at bringing the fun and energy into every lesson or task. Not one to follow a business plan or even organize her day, Allisyn is known to go rogue in her thoughts and actions, much to the chagrin of her older sister.

Through their ups and downs, the sisters have a deep love for each other. At the end of each day, no matter how fun, tough or emotional (they are prone to cry on a whim), they have each other's back. In this family, blood will always be thicker than water. Or as Allisyn likes to say, "We’re tighter than ticks on a hound dog."