Get to know the Durst quadruplets, plus more about their mom, Naomi, and their big brother Travis:
Quadruplet Calli Durst

Calli Durst

Born: February 10, 1993 - 10:51 pm

Favorite Color: Blue
Food: Chinese
Ice cream flavor: Vanilla
School subject: Yearbook
Hobby: Movie nights with the gals
Holiday: Christmas
Season: Fall
Type of music: Christian and country
Entertainment genre: Comedy — I love to laugh!
TV show: "One Tree Hill"
Movie: "Hoosiers," "Coach Carter," "More Than a Game"

Quadruplet Kendra Durst

Kendra Durst

Born: February 10, 1993 — 10:52 pm

Favorite Color: Teal/blue
Food: Chicken Alfredo
Ice cream flavor: Vanilla with strawberries
School subject: English
Hobby: Running
Holiday: Christmas/New Year's
Season: Summer/Fall
Type of music: Country, hip-hop, car ride jammin'
Entertainment genre: Comedies, dramas, romances and action adventures.
TV show: "One Tree Hill"
Movie: "Elf," "The Bucket List," "The Blind Side," "Baby Mama"

Quadruplet Megan Durst

Megan Durst

Born: February 10, 1993 — 10:53 pm

Favorite Color: Green
Food: Chinese
Ice cream flavor: Vanilla
School subject: English
Hobby: Gymnastics, hanging with friends, boys
Holiday: Christmas
Season: Summer
Type of music: Country
Entertainment genre: Romance
TV show: "One Tree Hill"!!
Movie: "My Sassy Girl"

Quadruplet Sarah Durst

Sarah Durst

Born: February 10, 1993 — 10:54 pm

Favorite Color: Green
Food: Spaghetti
Ice cream flavor: Peppermint Bon Bon
School subject: Chemistry or Yearbook
Hobby: Fishing, hunting, horse riding, camping, rodeos, photography, cleaning/laundry
Holiday: Thanksgiving and Christmas
Season: Fall
Type of music: Country and Christian
Entertainment genre: Drama and suspense
TV show: "America's Next Top Model," "One Tree Hill," "Criminal Minds"
Movie: "Man in the Moon," "Sweet Home Alabama," "P.S. I Love You," "Pursuit of Happiness," "Baby Mama," "Elf"

Four of a Kind Naomi Durst

Naomi Durst


Originally from Bowman, North Dakota, Naomi moved to Buffalo, Minnesota, in 1988 and a few years later, she started her family with her husband Jim. When her son Travis was just baby, she received the shock of her life when she found out she was pregnant with identical quadruplets. Now, the single mom has her hands full teaching high school Language Arts, getting Calli, Kendra, Megan and Sarah through their senior year and preparing for all five kids to head off to college.

Four of a Kind Travis Durst

Travis Durst


At 19 years-old, Travis is preparing to attend Alexandria Tech and study machining. His general interests include cars, girls and snowboards, as well as pretty much anything with an engine. Travis says growing up with four identical sisters has been a “wild ride” with “tons of memories.” Since his sisters have considerable notoriety in their home state of Minnesota, he’s never had trouble starting a conversation when meeting new people as “they always seem to ask about them and know who they are…”