The family reality series “Four of a Kind” follows a set of identical quadruplet sisters — one of only 63 sets of identical quads in the world — as they juggle their last year of high school in Minnesota. The program will feature vivacious 18-year-old sisters Calli, Kendra, Megan and Sarah Durst as they endure the everyday trials, tribulations and emotions of being middle-American teenagers during one of the most pivotal times in their lives — senior year.

The odds of identical quadruplets are one in 11 million to 15 million, and there were no fertility drugs involved with the Durst girls. The popular teens from Buffalo, Minnesota have captivated the media’s attention since they were just little girls, having appeared on shows like “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “The Today Show.” Now they are embarking on the next chapter of their lives as they finish their last year of high school together and star in their own show, "Four of a Kind," before they strike out into the world, perhaps on their own.

"Four of a Kind" will document the fun and pressures associated with each quadruplet’s experience juggling adolescence, including boys, school, homework, sports, gossip, and what lies ahead for them, their older brother Travis and their single mother Naomi. As the sisters decide on colleges, they must deal with the possibility of splitting up, and with Travis heading off to school as well, Naomi faces an empty nest for the first time in 19 years. “Four of a Kind” is produced by Asylum Entertainment, with Jonathan Koch (“30 for 30”), Steven Michaels (“The Locator”), and JoAnn Alfano, Gena McCarthy and Kim Chessler of Lifetime Television serving as executive producers.