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After the Episode With Josh: Season 3, Episode 12

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 10:42pm GMT

Drop Dead Diva Season 3 Photos

I should be bummed that the Season 3 Finale of "Drop Dead Diva" is so close... if Season 4 wasn't happening in our future! Let's celebrate with another (our second-to-last - ah!!) edition of After the Episode With Josh, where executive producer and show creator Josh Berman once again takes us to Diva-land, this week giving us the scoop on Parker's future with Elisa, husbands-as-fans and possible new love matches for Fred [Spoiler Alert: it is... not me).

Ashley has a great memory, she writes: “This show is freaking epic! Does anyone remember the S2 Finale what Fred warned Jane about exposing who she really is? Does that count when others out her?”
It’s a great question! I have to refer you to Jane’s line to Fred from that very episode: “Those are your rules, not mine.” Make sure you watch this week's finale for another rule bender!

Melanie wants to know more about Parker and Elisa’s future: “Does Parker develop a relationship with his son. Does Parker end up with Brandy's character? What's gonna happen to Kim if Parker is with Brandy???? So many questions!” Can you give us a hint at what’s to come for Parker’s love future?
All of your questions will be answered! Most of them in Sunday’s finale episode! That said, things for Parker change dramatically, and for Kim as well. This Sunday is a game changer!

One of our Diva FB fans Ashley tells us that she recently got her hubby into the show, and I know he’s not the only one — what’s the appeal of “Diva” for straight men specifically do you think?
I think that we tell stories in a way that appeals to both men and women. I love to hear that women are bringing their husbands into the living room to watch us! Keep it up! In other countries, we don't air on a 'woman's network' and we appeal equally to both men and women.

Scott Tweets us: “Where are Jane's friends?? Did she not socialize with anyone?”
I assume you mean Jane from before. We’ve met a couple of them (Tony Goldwyn’s character from Episode 306) but we definitely established that she spent all of her time as Jane in her office buried in law books (and self-help books)! Jane was always close with Teri, but she didn't have much of a social life until Deb entered her body.

Karen brings up a good (but sad if true!) point — “Does Fred have to leave now?” Say it ain’t so! Katie chimes in: “Will Fred still be a major character for next season!? I love the supernatural aspects of this show!”
Fred, played by the incomparable Ben Feldman, will always be a part of this show. He is the glue that binds Deb to Jane even as Jane evolves into her own. I can’t imagine doing a season of this show without Fred, and he's a big part of this Sunday's cliffhanger.

Michelle wants to know if there's anything Stacy can do to even DESERVE another shot with Fred.
Absolutely. Watch on Sunday night!

After last week’s episode, Deb says she wants Kim to stop picking on Parker. Do you think Kim’s concern (and her test) for Parker last episode was fair? Does she pick on him?
Hmmm. Generally I would say that testing (setting a trap for?) your boyfriend or girlfriend is totally not fair, but I also think that Kim has a right to be skeptical of Parker after last season’s incident with Claire Harrison (played brilliantly by Natasha Henstridge). Kim and Parker continue to evolve as people and as a couple. They've still got a long journey ahead of them and Sunday's cliffhanger spins them in another direction completely.

Rosa and Ana speak up for the skeptics when they ask if Elisa’s son is in fact Parker’s. Will the paternity of the child come up in question at all?
The question definitely comes up! Watch the finale (am I sounding like a broken record yet?)

Tabitha asks “What was it like to work with Deidre Hall!!!! So wish she could be a cast member!” Your thoughts?
Let me first say that Deidre came to our Season Three celebration last weekend and was just such a joy. I would have her back in a second! She was a delight on set and is such an incredible asset to the season closer! Make sure you check her out! We're even talking about doing another cross over with her or her character from "Days," next season!

Genger wants to know: “Would Deb (or Jane) really be dating other guys if she was truly still in love with Grayson???”
YES! When we are wounded, when we are rejected, we need to get back into the dating world. As she said in the very first episode: "Sometimes you gotta fake it to make it."

Hmm, seems to be some rumbling from the fans about Fred… and TERI – Lhen asks: “Will FRED be interested in TERI?”
I love Teri and Freds partners-in-crime dynamic. I don’t think we’ll throw them into romantic liaison, no. But who knows!? Assistants these days, they might just catch each others' eyes over the Xerox machine... hmmm...

Some love from Joselyn: “A HUGE THANK YOU! Jane was my inspiration during my divorce...I had to defend myself in court and after the case the judge said I should go into law...Thank you, Diva!”
Joselyn, these are my favorite types of messages to get. I can’t tell you how proud it makes me to hear that my show has inspired people in their lives. Thank you for sharing this with me, I’ll be sure to pass it along to our writers. And for the record, I think you absolutely should go for it! Just remember, follow your passion and sense of justice - just like Jane!


After the Episode With Josh: Season 3, Episode 11

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 9:55pm GMT

Drop Dead Diva Season 3 Photos

We are down to the wire on "Drop Dead Diva" Season 3, with the Season 3 Finale in one week! In this week's After the Episode With Josh, executive producer and show creator Josh Berman talks about Deb and Stacy's past, Jane and Grayson's future and Fred's revenge.

Apparently ending up in bed together just wasn’t enough for this crew. Jeff asks: “Will Jane and Grayson ever kiss this season?!?!”
Haha. I can’t answer that! Just two episodes left though! I promise major developments in their relationship. Everything is building to the finale on 9/25 and nothing will be the same after that.

We’ve asked the “why haven’t Jane and Grayson gotten married/started having babies” question a time or two in this series, but Sydney brings up Grayson’s love-at-first-sight impulses. “I don’t understand why Grayson is taking so long with Jane? The first time he meets a girl he starts dating her so why not Jane? He’s met her already!” Is Grayson just not the type to fall in love slowly – if he doesn’t feel it right away is he forever in the friend zone?!
When Grayson first met Jane, Deb was still alive (Jane interviewed Grayson before he started working at Harrison and Parker) so his first impression of her was not romantic. Jane and Grayson are in the process of defining their relationship, growing their friendship... I’ll never say never. As far as I'm concerned, starting a relationship as friends makes for a much better long term relationship.

With Brandy in town but Pastor Ben outta the picture, fans want to know what’s going on with Parker and Kim? Adam begs: “Please let Parker and Kim carry on!”
I don’t want to give anything away, but I’m glad that bringing Brandy into the picture is getting your wheels turning! And I also promise that the Parker/Kim storyline is far from over. Just you wait until a bomb drops on the season finale, 9/25.

I often have people Tweet and leave Facebook messages saying that the show hits home for them on multiple levels – many relate to Jane and Grayson’s relationship and Jane’s love for him from afar. Are Jane and Grayson based on a real life couple or relationship you know or have experienced personally?
Jane, actually Deb, is named for my grandmother. I always loved that despite being a short, overweight Jewish woman (who survived the Holocaust) she carried herself like a super model. I think that Jane and Grayson portray the dance that couples do while they’re in the process of figuring out how their relationship works. Yes, their relationship is based on a real couple, but I'd rather not say who - to protect the innocent!

Sophia sends “kisses from Portugal,” and gushes: “I've been in a coma since the end of ‘Sex and the City,’ and ‘Drop Dead Diva’ made my television live again.” She isn’t the first person to say that this is their favorite show since “Sex and the City” – why do you think “Diva” resonates with "SATC" fans?
I’ve always wanted "Diva" to be a fun escape! I always enjoyed "Sex and the City" because it was what I imagined life in NYC to be like... But entirely exaggerated in all the right ways! I’ve tried to do that with "Diva." I loved watching "Sex and the City" with friends and it makes me so happy to hear the "Drop Dead Diva" is appointment television and that people are watching in groups. I think Brooke is sexier than any of the women on "Sex and the City"!

Mike says: “You picked a good match for Jane but something tells me her love life needs to continue to take a back seat. She came back from death to do something more than be someone's arm trophy or to hang on to Grayson.” Interesting – what do you think?
Gosh. I don’t think that Jane will ever end up as someone’s arm trophy. I think that she is capable of finding and of creating a dynamic partnership with someone. You are going to want to watch the last two episodes of the season - I think you’ll be pleased!

Shawna has a guest star request: “I wanna see an episode with Khloe Kardashian as a guest star.”
Have her people call my people. Actually, I don't have any people... But it's an interesting idea.

Maria asks: “Why are you making Stacy a love-to-hate character? I mean, Fred basically gave up heaven for her, and she cheated on him with a B-star? Stacy had a heart – what happened to it?”
I don’t want to spoil anything... So I will hold back. Definitely watch the last two episodes. Stacy is an awesome character and she's just letting her ego get carried away. Happens to the best of us.

On Twitter, @TheTruth97 Tweets: “Will Jane ever be a judge?”
Anything is possible. I think that being a judge would suit her quite well although she is never judgmental, ironically.

Genger wants to know: “Would Deb (or Jane) really be dating other guys if she was truly still in love with Grayson???”
YES! When we are wounded, when we are rejected, we need to get back into the dating world. As she said in the very first episode: "Sometimes you gotta fake it to make it."

Deborah says: “There should be more flashback to explore the lives of the characters on the show. Wouldn't it be great to see how Deb and Stacy became friends?” What flashbacks would you love to bring to the small screen?
Great question, and I think it would be incredible to see the beginnings of Deb and Stacy’s friendship! Good ideas for Season 4.

The fans are seeking a little revenge on Stacy and want Fred to have a jealousy-inducing hookup! Misty writes: “First, I love the show! Second, Cassie proved to be more insightful than I expected. Why don't you have her hook up with Fred? She's beautiful enough that Stacy would be jealous but insightful enough to recognize what a great guy Fred is.” Thoughts?
Cassie (played by Kaitlin Doubleday) would have been cheapened if she turned right around and hooked up with Fred. We wanted her to be sincerely interested in Grayson. Fred is slowly discovering what it means to be human - perhaps he will learn about vengeance, but I don't think he's quite there yet.


After the Episode With Josh: Season 3, Episode 10

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 3:49pm GMT

Drop Dead Diva Season 3 Photos

With three episodes left, it's down to the wire for us in "Diva"-land, but that doesn't mean that things aren't slowing down anytime soon! In this week's After the Episode With Josh, executive producer and show creator Josh Berman talks about Parker's development this season, reveals all of the new judge's secrets and gets us super excited for the finale.

We get SO much international love for Diva — what do you think it is about the show that translates across the world?
The themes in "Drop Dead Diva" are universal. We have all felt like outsiders at different points in our lives. The show is nothing if not human. Stick with me here: shows like “CSI” and “Bones” (I’ve had the privilege to work on both) do great internationally as well, and that is, in part, due to the fact that behind the murder and the yellow tape, those circumstances evoke something very human: fear, anxiety, relief, terror... “Diva” does the same thing, though we spend more time on the other end of the spectrum; Love, joy, success, and yes, even fear and anxiety and a little bit of terror — you know, to keep you on your toes.

There was (of course!) a huge reaction to the Episode 10 twist with Stacy and Fred. Allyson begs: “Don't let Stacy turn out to be a bad guy, pleasseeee. I can't believe she made Fred cry.” Is Stacy a bad guy? Will fans know the answer to this question by the end of Season 3?
Yes, you’ll have all of your answers by the end of Season 3! Hmmm... That seems like such a cop-out but I don’t want to give away any more than that!

@realityqueen09 Tweets: “Who would you like to have on the show that hasn’t been on yet?”
I’d love to reunite with Marg Helgenberger from "CSI"! She's a wonderful actress and friend. I'm also crossing my fingers for Cher and/or Bette Midler.

Lisa comments: “I loved last night’s episode. And I like that Parker seems more and more complex.” We never talk about Parker’s growth — where have you wanted to take his character in Season 3?
You’re right there with us! Parker has a huge arc coming up that will really inform you on who he is as a person, not just Jane’s boss. I can’t wait to hear what you think about what’s ahead. There's a big Parker bombshell coming up that could change the future of the law firm.

Marcos asks: “Will Teri end up in a serious relationship with that guy (Hank)? She can do better ... cough cough... me! Jk! Great show!”
Marcos, you’re cracking me up with that! First of all, how dare you!? Hank is played by my brother, David Berman, and Teri would be lucky to have him!!! (Totally joking with you) I’ll put in a good word on your behalf.

We’re already looking toward the finale, and fans like Rachel and Marsha are begging for some juicy scoop. They're two of many that want to know if this season there will be another cliffhanger… and if that cliffhanger will be some form of Jane almost telling Grayson and something bad happening?
I'm just going to say one thing — this season's cliffhanger is by far the best yet. The last ten minutes of our finale (to air Sunday, September 25 at 9pm/8c!) should leave you breathless.

This is the first time since Tony that the fans have responded overwhelmingly positive about one of Jane’s suitors. Why do you think they like the Judge?
Because of the genius of Lex Medlin, the actor who plays Owen. He was nothing more than another love interest for Jane when that script got dropped on my desk. Lex came in to read for the role and it was his from his first read. We are lucky to have him! He's sexy, smart, funny, and has great chemistry with Jane.

Okay, one dissenter: Marion says the Judge gives off vibes of a “womanizer and a manipulator”… what do you say about that?
Confidence like Owen’s is a lot to take, especially when it catches you (or Jane) off guard. I think you should watch closely and see if you feel differently after this week's episode — airing Sunday night at 9pm/8c on Lifetime!

The other week a viewer asked if there will be another supernatural character and this week, Therese asks, “What's with the judge having some kind of 'sixth sense'... hmmmm could HE be an angel too?” ?!?!
He’s all man, I promise!

Celia asks if you will (or would like to) be adding any new characters on a regular basis for the next season… perhaps the Judge? Or Brandy’s new character?
We are open to bringing on new characters. Maybe Judge Owen. Maybe Brandy's character?

Chandra on Twitter wonders if Brandy is on the show for good or just next week’s episode?
She is on for the rest of Season 3. If we get a Season 4, the first thing I will do is call her up and ask her to come back!


After the Episode With Josh: Season 3, Episodes 8 & 9

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 7:14pm GMT

Drop Dead Diva Season 3 Photos

With a prom, Kathy Griffin two weeks ago, Patti Stanger this week and every hot couple ending up in bed together, it's like we are getting to live out our wildest "Drop Dead Diva" dreams each Sunday night at 9/8c on Lifetime! In this week's After the Episode With Josh, executive producer and show creator Josh Berman leads us deeper into Diva-land with more on Kim and Parker, a Fred and Stacy spinoff and what this show is really about.

We get a lot of questions about Jane's bedding in the show, any idea where it comes from?
You know, I can’t be sure. I’ll look into it, though! The art department on set (which is in Georgia) is super talented. I always love the goldfish Tyra that lives on the coffee table!

Sylvia wanted to thank you for making a show with "a real heroine." In what ways do you think Jane is a heroine?
In all ways. I feel like Brooke is the real heroine, though. Without her, Jane would be just letters on a page.

Patty wonders if Fred and Stacy will get married and have their own spinoff show! If you were to do a "Diva" spinoff, which character's (or characters') life and story would you follow?
Great idea, Patty. Yes, they could easily have their own spinoff. Since they're both hilarious actors, perhaps it would be a comedy. I love writing for both of them.

I would love to see where Stacy and Fred would go if it were all about them. There’s so much meat on the bone there! He’s not entirely human, and she doesn’t know it... She is both Jane and Deb’s best friend and he is Jane’s guardian angel! The possibilities are endless. I'm loving just thinking about it!

First, Deb had a secret sister and now Tina (who thinks she'd be the perfect candidate) asks if there will be another secret relative from Jane's past. like a daughter? If not in the forgotten family tree, what other dark "Jane's past" secrets would you want to explore?
The series is about uncovering secrets and learning who we are as people. Jane will continue to discover new things about old Jane and the best is yet to come!

Michelle asks: "Where are all the things Deb loved to do that Jane seems to not like now? You showed her shopping long ago but that turned into a lawsuit. Manicures? Shoes? Hair salons?" I think she might need to rewatch Season 1, but what is your take on this?
Great point. We haven’t forgotten about Deb! In a lot of ways it is more interesting to show Deb shine through in the life that Jane is living. For example, when Jane giggles in the court room or surprises herself with her use of Jane’s brain! Deb is there... The character is always Deb in Jane's body, but like all of us, she continues to evolve.

Phila tries to slip one past us. "Who figures out Deb is Jane first: Grayson or Deb's mom? I know you can't say ;)" True - but good point! Since a lot of the viewers want Grayson to fall in love with Jane as she is now, is Jane's relationship with Bobbi foreshadowing (or proof?) that Grayson could fall in love with the Deb (and the Jane) in Jane. As Jane?
It may be foreshadowing to some permutation of what you’re asking... But it’s certainly not proof of anything. Having Jane and Bobbi together on screen is actually not about Grayson at all. It’s about having Deb connect with her mom even though Bobbi doesn’t know it. I get tingles just thinking about it!

Episode 9 gave us a glimpse of something we've been pining for — seeing Kim and Parker together again as more than just coworkers. Ashley wants to know if this means Parker and Kim are back together for good?
Kim and Parker are far from over. But this Sunday's episode, we will learn more! I'm excited to see the fans' reaction.

"Dear Josh," Litska asks, "what has been the biggest challenge that you have encountered thus far as creator and executive producer of 'Drop Dead Diva'?"
The romantic in me wants so badly for Jane to tell Grayson, to tell everyone, the truth about Deb. So that’s the biggest challenge, really. It feels like such an obvious answer. Jane withholding that from the other characters is the magic of our show. Despite that fact, every time I sit down to write I just want to give it all away!

View more photos from Season 3, Episode 9 below:


After the Episode With Josh: Season 3, Episodes 6 & 7

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 10:45am GMT

Drop Dead Diva Season 3 Photos

The Diva gods have really been smiling on us this season — what with fabulous guest stars, edge-of-our-seat storylines and more quotes than you can fit into a 140-character Tweet each week. In this edition of After the Episode With Josh, executive producer and show creator (and head of said Diva gods) Josh Berman lets there be light on Grayson's depth, Brooke Elliott's talent and unexpected "Drop Dead Diva" pregnancies.

Peggye wants to know if you think Jane will or would ever lose weight to try to capture Grayson's attention? Teresa doesn't even want to see Jane and Grayson together, but has another weighted suggestion: "I want to see Grayson date someone not super thin!" Do you think Grayson is shallow?
This is a question that I chat with my writing team, and even my friends, about frequently. A message that we’re trying to send to our audience is that what really matters is the super model inside. That’s how I came up with the concept for the show! My grandmother, whose name is Deb, was a short, overweight Jewish woman who carried herself like a super model. She was always such an inspiration to me. Grayson is growing more every day — I definitely would be open to him becoming more and more attracted to the beauty inside the next woman he dates.

Alisha wonders if Jane would even be ABLE to tell Grayson what happened or will something terrible happen (similar to Fred being de-Angeled or even Grayson being hit by the car)?
The business of Deb’s reincarnation that turned her into Jane is really uncharted territory for both the characters and for me as a producer. While certainly there are barriers to Jane coming clean... I think that the easiest to get over are the “rules” from heaven.

Brooke Lovers unite! Harris asks: "Where did you find the amazing and talented Brooke? How did you know that she was the one?"
We saw so many incredibly talented actresses in the search for our Jane. While of course there were physical traits that were required of the character, we knew from the earliest stages of development that the actress who would bring life to Jane would have that certain X factor... Brooke is all X! She came to us after spending years on Broadway. When I look at Jane, I see Deb and that is because Brooke is amazing.

And it wouldn't be a Q&A without "he who probably shouldn't be named" coming up... Alix asks: "Will Jane find someone who makes her happy? I think she can move past Greyson if the right guy came along. I loved her and Tony! Does she have a new love interest coming up? Someone who actually lasts?"
Tony, who was played by David Denman, was such a powerful character in helping Deb get used to being Jane. I think that as we enter the second half of our season the viewers will be really excited to see where Jane goes both professionally and personally. Hint: Keep your eye out for a new Judge.

Teri (the viewer, not the assistant) takes it to the next level and suggests: "I think Jane and Grayson should kiss, he totally falls for her but you bring Tony back. Flip the tables and have Grayson secretly in love with Jane." What do you think about THAT?
I think that you would be great in our writers’ room! I love that! It is always so fun to turn the tables on our principle characters — it’s also a great challenge for an actor who has spent three seasons getting used to a set of rules about their character.

Jane seems unstoppable in the courtroom this season, but Rachael asks:"Will Jane ever lose a case?"
Absolutely. It has happened before and it will happen again. Losing a case allows Jane the opportunity to help her client find some sort of resolution outside the courtroom despite the verdict.

Remember back when Kim thought she was preggers? RoJo wants to know: "Is anyone going to have a baby? I'm ready for one of the fabulous ladies to become a mom."
GASP! I can't say anything more — but I wouldn't be surprised if one of our main characters finds them self with a child sooner than expected.

Have more questions for Josh? Leave them in the comments below!


After the Episode With Josh: Season 3, Episode 5

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 5:57pm GMT

Drop Dead Diva Season 3 Photos

It was a blast to live prom all over again with the "Drop Dead Diva" cast, and now in this week's After the Episode With Josh, executive producer and show creator Josh Berman tells us more about getting in bed with Jane and Grayson, dishes about Kim and Grayson and promises to play matchmaker for Teri.

Some of the fans want to know a little bit more about what happened with Jane and Grayson at the hotel. Meg asks: "What made you jump from Jane and Greyson falling asleep together to them being back at the office a week later?"
Jane isn’t just another girl, she (as Deb) has known Grayson for years. After the heartbreak of being left at the altar, what Grayson really needed from Jane was a friend. The best way for Jane to help Grayson move on is to show him that everything, even after Vanessa, can continue to be business as usual... At least at the office.

Viewer Jen thinks Jane would have stepped in to get Grayson to stop moping post-wedding: “There's no way someone like Jane would have let [Grayson] go on for a week without intervention, and that's something I would have liked to have seen.” Will Jane address the Vanessa situation in future episodes?
There is a fine line for Jane regarding Grayson because of their history. That said, Grayson is lucky to have a strong support system, and I think that the scene with Kim (where they talk about Vanessa) towards the end of last week’s episode is not only one of the best performances of the season from Jackson Hurst (Grayson) but also one of the most powerful moments of the season thus far.

Alex says: “Grayson makes the comment to our girl that the loser (the doc) didn't know what he was missing — then, why not ask my diva Jane out?!?” — while other fans have been wondering if Grayson is a little shallow. Jennifer ponders this very question: “I am curious why Grayson is so interested in other girls, but yet Jane never crosses his mind as a potential girlfriend? Is it her weight or what else could it be?”
That is a fair question and a valid concern. The short answer is no. Jane has been his best friend... His “best man” even. In large part "Drop Dead Diva" is told through Jane/Deb’s eyes, and of course the Deb in Jane really just wants Grayson back. This biases our perspective on the prospect of a Jane/Grayson romance. To Grayson, though, Jane is just Jane, his best friend and colleague.

Another fan asks why Jane doesn’t make a move on Grayson… as herself/Jane?
I love that there is so much passion from the viewers regarding Jane and Grayson! Get’s the gears turning! I think that for Jane, making a move on Grayson would be just a mega minefield of emotion. That feels like a cop out in so many ways... But personally — and this isn’t a spoiler at all so much as a response to this question on a human level — I think the Deb in Jane wants to be recognized by Grayson despite the change of her body. I think that as a woman, that is what she would need to know that it’s safe to take her friendship with him to the next level, ultimately to romance.

Marcos asks: “Will Teri end up in a serious relationship with that guy (Hank)? She can do better ... cough cough... me! Jk! Great show!”
Marcos, you’re cracking me up with that! First of all, how dare you!? Hank is played by my brother, David Berman, and Teri would be lucky to have him!!! (Totally joking with you) I’ll put in a good word on your behalf.

The viewers were shocked by the Kim and Grayson kiss, and Mary has more of a plea than a question… “Please tell me that yall aren’t gonna put Kim and Grayson (back) together!!”
That scene was the perfect combination of great writing, great acting, great shooting, great music and great editing. It is so special when all of the many parts make a scene come together and create something as strong as that scene! Grayson and Kim have moved on from their romance... In that scene, Grayson actually says “That wasn’t meant for you” and it wasn’t... It was for Vanessa.

Jamie wants to know if Fred will ever become more human?
I think Fred becomes more of a human every episode. Ben Feldman (who plays Fred) is a master of his craft.

Lori has nothing but love: “It was great to see the real Constance in the courtroom scene! Your treatment of the Prom made me tear up, especially at the end when the high school friends arrive. Just loved it.” Can you tell us a little more about your decision to use Constance in the episode and what her reaction was when asked?
The pleasure of having Constance involved in the production of this episode was all ours, truly. She is a peaceful crusader and the GLBT community is lucky to have an ambassador like her.

View more photos from Season 3, Episode 5 below:


After the Episode With Josh: Season 3, Episode 4

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Drop Dead Diva Season 3 Photos

Welcome back to After the Episode With Josh! This time around, executive producer and show creator Josh Berman gives us the skinny on Jane and Grayson in bed together, dirt about the return of Vanessa and Ben Feldman's phone number. Just kidding about that last one, but this show scoop should make up for having to live another day without Fred's digits.

Johnny asks: “Does Kate Levering have formal dance training? In the dream sequences, she dances very well.”
Kate has an extensive background on Broadway, so yes — formal training and she’s logged quite a few hours on stage! If you like her dancing, you should check out her dance sequence with Thunder From Down Under, only available as an extra on the Season 2 DVD.

@JaneValentine Tweets (and FB fan Lydia asks): “Will Jaime’s character Vanessa come back after the un-wedding?!”
Vanessa is played by my good friend Jaime Ray Newman and we would be so lucky to have her back on the show. It’s always fun to bring back characters in a new role.

The fans have had a very adverse reaction to Vanessa. Did you expect or plan for her to be this hated character?
Vanessa is a lovely character, but she's not Jane. Anyone who competes with Jane for Grayson will be disliked. She's also a bit cold (on purpose) and I think viewers are reacting to that.

Deborah thinks Grayson getting stood up at the altar is sad, but wants to know whether you think if Vanessa had told him face-to-face, she would have really gone through with her decision to back out? She also asks, “Why did Vanessa wait that long to let Grayson know how she felt?”
I think there is really something behind following your gut... Vanessa and Grayson had a whirlwind romance that was victim to so many factors. I think that Vanessa wasn’t able to get a good perspective on it until she was there, dress and all, on her way to the altar. That said, I believe that if she had known earlier, she absolutely would have shared it with Grayson. When you are in love with someone, you hope and pray they feel the same way. Deep down, she knew that Grayson didn't.

Christian wants all the dirt: “Was [the final scene of Jane and Grayson in bed at the hotel] them ‘sleeping’ together like you hinted at earlier?” And @FloorReeyes Tweets: “What happened with Grayson & Jane — after that night?”
There is so much to explore in the world of Jane/Deb and Grayson. I definitely wanted to tease our audience by saying that they slept together because I wanted to get you thinking about how many different avenues their love for one another could take. So yes, that was the scene I was hinting at. It seems so cliché to say this but... Tune in on Sunday night at 9 to see what happens next! I’d imagine after Grayson’s night of sadness and drinking, he probably woke up craving a strong cup of coffee... Just a hunch. And remember, Jane is still dating someone.

“Just out of curiosity — does the feedback you receive from fans influence future episodes or is the storyline complete and final?” Jacqueline wants to know.
I love fan feedback. I'm not sure if it influences the storylines, but i read everything on-line — especially the comments on our Facebook page.

Arlien wonders if Jane and Kim will forever be frenemies… or if there’s something more there: “Jane and Kim really do appreciate each others' skills. Are they ever going to develop their friendship?”
Jane and Kim’s scenes together are so fun because they are loaded with both hostility and a professional respect for one another. I always wonder what Kim and Old Jane's relationship must have been like. Kim probably still can't figure out why this woman suddenly grew a backbone. In the future, perhaps they could be friends. Do you think Deb and Kim could have been friends?

@TVFanatic592 Tweets for Teri asking: “Will Teri have another love interest this season?”
Teri really cracks me up. Margaret Cho is such a genius! She has brought a really interesting facet to the character which is to say that any man that walks into Harrison and Parker has the potential of winding up in the cross hairs of Teri’s eye! And yes, there will be more men in Teri's life!

While so many fans want to see Grayson and Jane get together, some others have suggested that them finally uniting would be the end of the show — how do you see it?
That’s the 10 million dollar question and I’m going to bow my head to you, our loyal fans, and say “stay tuned.”

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After the Episode With Josh: Season 3, Episode 3

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Drop Dead Diva Season 3 Photos

Our apologies dear "Diva" fans for our lateness in bringing you the next installment of After the Episode With Josh, but we've all been just so busy bringing you the most fabulous show around! This week, executive producer and show creator Josh Berman dug even deeper into his vast knowledge of all-things "Drop Dead Diva" and answered your ever-burning questions about Episode 3 and the show as a whole! Josh Berman! See if Josh answered your burning question below:

As we find out more about Fred and Stacy, fans want to know more about the couple! Sarafina asks if Stacy will try to dive deeper into Fred’s past. Another viewer asks if Fred and Stacy are going to get their own place. Lynley wants to know why Fred can’t tell Stacy who/what he really is?
All good questions. First, Fred's only rule is that he can't tell anyone that he's not really a human being. If he did, he would have to return to where he came. In the very first episode, he explains to Jane that she can't tell anyone. Although Jane breaks the rule and tells Stacy, she cannot tell anyone else. Fred allowed for this one exception but is keeping a close eye on her. If Fred told Stacy the truth, it would undermine the warning that he gave to Jane and he'd lose credibility as an angel.

Jose wonders why you chose to bring Kim back to the firm?
I love the actress who plays Kim. Kate Levering is fantastic. She's got a wonderful storyline this season and I don't want to give anything away... but keep watching!

The fans have had a very adverse reaction to Vanessa. Did you expect or plan for her to be this hated character?
Vanessa is a lovely character, but she's not Jane. Anyone who competes with Jane for Grayson will be disliked. She's also a bit cold (on purpose) and I think viewers are reacting to that.

Dawn isn’t so sure about Bill: “The thing that bothered me the most was when Bill finally made an appearance. He acknowledged that he had gotten Jane’s messages but didn’t give what I thought was a sufficient explanation as to why he did not return her call.” Is this foreshadowing for Bill being a not-so-great guy?
My lips are sealed. I think that ultimately viewers may disagree about whether he's good or bad.

Eva asks what it’s like working with Margaret Cho — is she as funny on set and in person as she is on stage?
Yes. Margaret is amazing! She's often quiet. She's a great listener. But as soon as she starts talking, she's got me laughing. What a talent!

Hopeless romantic Alex asks if Grayson will ever remember that he called Jane “Deb” after he was hit. Haley wants to know WHY exactly he looked and Jane and said “Deb”?
Great question. Let's just say that if you liked last season's cliff hanger, just wait to see what we have in store this year!

(Debatable romantic) Tina wonders if Parker and Jane will ever make a go of it — your thoughts?
There is definitely chemistry here. Keep watching. ;)

Sue asks if we’ll see more of Stacy’s modeling this season or will she try a new career path?
Stacy has major career growth this season. I don't want to give anything away other than to say that Stacy goes through some incredible changes during the second half of the season that profoundly affect her relationship with Fred and Jane.

And FB friend Emilie needed to clear something up: I often wonder what happened to Jane's soul now that Deb has taken over her body. Perhaps it's been explained and I just don't remember, but did she take Debs place in heaven?
The old Jane has moved on to a better place. We imply that she's in heaven in the very first episode.

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After the Episode With Josh: Season 3, Episode 2

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Drop Dead Diva Season 3 Photos

In our second installment of After the Episode With Josh, we give fans access to the show's all-knowing executive producer and creator Josh Berman! See if Josh answered your burning question below:

Fans want to know more about Jane and Dr. Kendall. A question that popped up a couple times is, why do you think Jane let him sleep over on the first date?
I think Jane got caught up in the moment. She's attracted to and respects Bill Kendall. I don't think Deb ever had one night stands and I believe that Jane looked at their night together as a start of a new relationship. That being said, Jane may regret that decision quite shortly. Be sure to watch the July 10th episode (Season 3, Episode 3!) — there are consequences for being impetuous.

Why do you choose to incorporate musical numbers into the show?
We have incredible dancers and singers in our cast. I love to showcase their talent. Also, a musical number is such a great way to express someone's inner desires and feelings in a visual manner. I will never have our actors just break into song or dance, it will always be part of a dream to help illuminate what they are experiencing and feeling.

Alexandra on Twitter has a good question: "Any plans to possibly introduce another person in the same situation as Deb/Jane?"
Not yet. Deb/Jane is one of a kind. That being said, we have an interesting storyline that we're discussing for next year — that may deal with that exact scenario.

There are a lot of questions about Grayson's pending nuptials. Kendra swears she sees that Grayson has feelings for Jane/Deb and that he's sees something in her that reminds him of Deb. When will he realize he's rushing into marriage and break off the engagement? Antoinette wants to know if Jane will break up the wedding!
Ah! Love these questions. I don't want to give anything away but I will say this: on the July 17th episode (Season 3, Episode 4) called "The Wedding," all these questions will be answered. The first few episodes culminate in this episode.

Susie asks: "When Jane gave Grayson the "Dream Wedding Planner" album were the things in the album what Deb had wanted for her and Grayson's wedding? Did Grayson realize that when he was looking through it in the office after Jane gave it to him?"
The Wedding Planner was something Deb and Stacy had put together for many years and Deb had added Grayson's photo to the cover just a week or so before she died. Grayson didn't know that Jane was watching him, as he leafed through the pages. He was, however, so impressed and touched by the care that "Jane" put into the book.

Jessie says: "The first season dealt with how plus women are treated in the public eye... and how someone who used to be desired by most mean dealt with the changes in attitude by the public for the difference in her appearance. I started watching "Diva" because I could relate to Jane and how she was treated. Will the third season address more issues?"
That's always an undercurrent in this series. That being said, Jane has grown more comfortable with her appearance. She's also learned that with confidence in herself, some great men have fallen for her, e.g. Tony and now the doctor. But yes, the themes of the first season will certainly be touched upon throughout the series. Also, if you watch carefully, these themes do permeate the second season as well. For those of you who missed Season 2, Lifetime is airing a marathon this Sunday (July 3rd) starting at 10am/9c. Hope you enjoy it!

Super sleuth Susan wants to know: "Did Fred leave the notebook he was writing in while talking to Jane on the phone under the placemat. If so, is there a chance Stacy will find it and cause some fireworks between her and Fred and even Jane?"
Wow! Great eye. That notebook wasn't originally in the script. The actor, Ben Feldman, who is soooo talented, brought that idea to the set. Stacy doesn't find it, but what a clever idea if she had. Susan should be a writer! I love Fred and Stacy and just wait as we evolve their relationship. It's such a pleasure to write for both these actors.

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