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Vote for Jane as Favorite Fictional Lawyer!

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 11:05am GMT

Above the Law Drop Dead Diva

Your favorite lawyer needs your help in the courtroom! Brooke Elliott as Jane Binghum in "Drop Dead Diva" is nominated for Favorite Fictional Lawyer in the first round battle over on the Above the Law website. Vote for Jane Binghum for Favorite Fictional Lawyer here!

This weekend, it's all about "Diva" on Lifetime! Watch the "Drop Dead Diva" Season 2 mini-marathon this Saturday, June 18 starting at 11 am et/10c before Sunday's 9pm et/8c Season 3 Premiere on Lifetime!


Caption This: Jane in the Courtroom From Episode 1

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 5:19pm GMT

Drop Dead Diva Season 3 Photos

Yesterday on the "Drop Dead Diva" Facebook page (if you haven't already, friend us immediately!) we gave fans a special sneak peek of the new season, with a picture from the Season 3 Premiere episode featuring guest star Leann Rimes and fabulous Jane in the courtroom. Then, we put you all in the writer's chair and asked you to caption the photo.

Your submissions had everyone at the Lifetime/Diva headquarters cracking up, but below are our top five picks, including the caption with the most Likes!:

Sassiest Caption goes to... Bob: ‎"Why thank you, co-counsel. I thought my hair looked pretty kicka** today too. But as for the evidence..."

Funniest Caption goes to... Robyn: ‎"I can't ask her if blondes have more fun, she's obviously biased!"

Most Deb-Like Caption goes to... Steve: ‎"I know RIGHT...I get to like cross examine Lee Ann Rhimes...oh, nice shoes."

Best Use of Parker's Hotness Caption goes to... Mitchell: Judge's thoughts: "MMMMmmmm, mmmmm, Parker, Parker! you sure are looking goooood today!!!"

Most "Like-d" (Plus, Most Clever!) Caption goes to... Rachael: Jane: "So there we have it! Our witness has stated that she is feeling "Blue" and a little "Crazy" because she just "Can't fight the moonlight." But hey, "No big deal," "Life goes on" and "This Love" will be the "Last thing on her mind."

Great job, everyone! I knew "Diva" fans had impeccable taste, but you all are also hilarious! Stay tuned to the "Drop Dead Diva" Facebook page for more caption contests with sneak peek photos from the Season 3 premiere!

Mark your calendars: "Drop Dead Diva" Season 3 premiere Sunday, June 19 at 9/8c on Lifetime and Season 2 mini-marathon Saturday, June 18 starting at 11 am/10c!

Do you agree with our favorite captions above? Submit your caption for the coutroom shot in the comments below:


Josh Spills: Jane and Grayson in Bed Together?!

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 6:00pm GMT

Drop Dead Diva Grayson and Jane Photos

Are you a "Drop Dead Diva" fan? Do you want Jane and Grayson to get together in Season 3? Do you believe in LOVE? If you answered yes to those questions, I hope you're sitting down, my dearest Divas.

In an exclusive interview with TVGuide.com, "Drop Dead Diva" creator and executive producer (and our favorite Diva Dish-er) Josh Berman revealed that Jane and Grayson will end up in bed together this season!

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor... Ahem. Okay. Click here to read the article, where Josh spills more about what is in the stars for Jane and Grayson in Season 3. And tell me what YOU think gets Jane and Grayson into bed in the comments below!

Don't forget: Tune in to the "Drop Dead Diva" Season 3 premiere Sunday, June 19 at 9/8c on Lifetime and the mini-marathon Saturday, June 18 starting at 11 am/10c!

Stay tuned to the Official "Drop Dead Diva" Facebook and Twitter for more news and scoop from Season 3!


Drop Dead Diva Wins Prism Award!

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 5:59pm GMT

Drop Dead Diva Prism Awards

Congratulations to "Drop Dead Diva" for winning big at this year's 15th Annual PRISM Awards! The series took home an award for their depiction of bipolar disorder in the Season 2 episode "Senti-Mental Journey" starring Broadway diva Faith Prince as Jane's mother.

What we saw on the small screen was Jane going to court for her recently arrested mother as she simultaneously faced her mother's struggles with bipolar disorder. Behind the scenes of "Drop Dead Diva," a psychiatrist spoke with the show's writers about the disorder and the latest developments in treatment for it.

"Any awards that recognize TV or films that explore the human condition in ways that shine light on disorders or conditions that the general public doesn't necessarily know about are a good thing," says "Drop Dead Diva" creator, executive producer (and Diva Dish-er!) Josh Berman.

The PRISM Awards are presented by the non-profit Entertainment Industries Council and work to recognize efforts to accurately depict substance abuse and mental illness in film, television and more.

Click here to read the USA Today article where Josh Berman discusses "Diva"'s Prism Award win.