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Lance Bass & Clay Aiken Join the "Diva" Gay Prom!

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:27AM GMT

Lance Bass Clay Aiken on Drop Dead DivaWe keep thinking that we couldn't possibly be any more excited about Season 3 of "Drop Dead Diva" — until another serving of guest star scoop comes our way! Last week, we found out that Wanda Sykes will guest star on Season 3 of "Drop Dead Diva" as Judge Wright, who presides over the case of a high school senior not allowed to bring her girlfriend as her date for prom.

Now, as AOL's TVSquad is reporting, Clay Aiken, Lance Bass and "Married... With Children"'s Amanda Bearse will appear on the episode as well. Check out the story on TVSquad for more details about what characters these stars will play!

Dish below: Who would you take to the "Drop Dead Diva" prom? (Um, and dibs on Fred, BTW!)

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