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Keep Up With the "Drop Dead Diva" Cast Off Set!

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:27AM GMT

When they're not being sassy assistants, justice-seeking heartthrobs or dead models, actors Margaret Cho, Jackson Hurst and Brooke D'Orsay are being, well, themselves! Let's cozy up a seat next to the "Drop Dead Diva" stars to see what they're up to off-camera, shall we?

Drop Dead Diva Jackson HurstAs much as we all want Grayson and Jane to get together, there's something exciting about watching their relationship (and the chemistry between them!) grow episode-to-episode. In this People TV video, Jackson Hurst opens up about his connection with Brooke Elliot and reveals all — like, whether he's a boxers, briefs or g-string kinda guy.

The fans get to ask the questions on CNN iReport Interview, where Margaret Cho sits down to "talk trash," offer up advice and explain why she loves doing "Diva." Check out her interview below:

Drop Dead Diva Brooke D'OrsayViewers have been dying to see Brooke D'Orsay back on "Drop Dead Diva," so last week's episode, featuring flashbacks of the model, was just the dose of Deb we needed. The gym bunnies at Self.com visited Brooke to get the actress's tips and tricks of her at-home fitness routine. Read Brooke's interview, plus get the tour of her converted gym/garage on Self.com!

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