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Diva Dish Week #4: The Cast Talks About Kim Kardashian!

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:27AM GMT

Kim Kardashian on Drop Dead DivaEveryone is buzzing about reality queen Kim Kardashian's guest appearance on the first three episodes of "Drop Dead Diva" Season 4. (I saw the first episode and guysssss, she's legit funny on it!) But no one is talking about it more than the stars of the show! In this week's Diva Dish, Josh Berman and April Bowlby lay it on the line and tells us about what is was like working with Kim K... and their answer may actually surprise you!

April Bowlby: "I had a great experience with Kim. You kind of already have in your mind what it might be, but it was anything but. Like, she came, she was really serious, she had her acting coach, she wanted to do a good job, she showed up on time, she knew her lines. She’s beautiful. Like, I couldn’t stop looking at her face and I would always, like, watch her makeup artist and then be like, 'What is he doing to her. Why does she look so glowy?' She was really great and I think she had a really good time. She’s a lovely businesswoman and it was a real pleasure to work with her."

Josh Berman: "[She was] professional, appreciative and surprising."

Seeee??!! If it's coming from April and Josh, you know it's true!

But I couldn't just leave you with those two quotes for the week. So in the spirit of all things that are divalicious (plus the fact that I'm feeling extra generous this week), I give to you a bonus Diva Dish quote straight from the main Diva herself, Brooke Elliott. Brooke spilled on what lies ahead for her and Greyson.

Brooke says: "That’s so confusing for Jane. Her love life is going to be such a rollercoaster this season. I’m actually really excited to hear what the fans think about it. You know, she’s with Owen. We left her at the finally of Season Three going off to Italy with Owen and that relationship does blossom and move forward. And, you know, and yet there’s Grayson and he kind of keeps popping in every once in a while. Grayson’s feelings actually start to change a little bit. He starts to entice Jane and while Jane doesn’t really see that at first, she obviously always notices Grayson. But, so, again, she's torn. She’s always torn because she really does love Owen, but Grayson’s kind of always in the back of her heart."

You better be pumped for Sunday's big premiere where all will be revealed! I know I am!

After you watch the Season 4 premiere on Sunday, come back here and comment with your burning questions for Josh! He'll answer them for next week's Diva Dish!