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Diva Dish: Josh Berman Spills Season 4 Secrets!

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:27AM GMT

Josh Berman Spills Season 4 SecretsIt's that time again! As we continue to countdown to the epic Season 4 premiere of "Drop Dead Diva" (And I mean E-P-I-C... I may or may not have not seen the first episode...), Twitter and Facebook have been blowing up with Qs about the new season. So, in all that is wonderful and fabulous, I went straight to creator and executive producer Josh Berman to get all the "Diva" dirt. I will be rolling out his juicy answers for the next 20 days until the Season 4 premiere on June 3. (You should read that as: keep checking this blog 24/7!)

First up, Facebook friend Jessie asks Josh: "Does Grayson find out that Jane is his lost love!?"

Josh dishes: "Grayson is absolutely on to the fact now that Jane could now be Deb. And how that plays out in the first four episodes of Season 4 is pretty exciting and completely unexpected." (Editor's note: SO exciting!)

Facebooker Leighann asks: "Does Fred leave? At the end of Season 3, he's at the airport, but it never shows if he leaves."

Josh says: "Fred leaves, but doesn’t get too far, and one of our biggest Fred twists yet in our season opener, so if you’re a Fred fan, June 3 is not to be missed. If there is ever an episode to not DVR but to watch live, it’s our June 3 season opener. We have a lot of big secrets being divulged. Grayson is learning the truth about Jane, there’s a huge complication in the Fred/Stacy relationship and you want to see that with everyone else."

Amanda on Facebook asks Josh: "Is there any chance that Tony might come back in Season 4?"

Josh exclusively dishes: "Anything is possible. Jane has lots of loves, as does Deb, and we like bringing back those old flames. I will say that there’s lots of twists and turns in Jane’s love life in Season 4, but I don’t want to answer specifically if Tony is coming back."

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What else are you dying to know about Season 4?