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Deets on the Season 2 Drop Dead Diva Marathon!

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:27AM GMT

Drop Dead Diva Season 2 Photos

What "Drop Dead Diva" fans want — "Drop Dead Diva" fans get, and what you all have been asking for is a marathon before the Season 3 premiere. Well, fabulous fans of the best show ever, you're in luck!

Mark your calendars and tune in to the "Drop Dead Diva" Season 2 marathon Saturday, June 18 from 11 am/10c to 5 pm/4c on Lifetime. And of course, don't forget that this is leading up to the Season 3 premiere the next day, Sunday June 19 at 9 pm/8c!

The Season 2 Marathon will include the following episodes:
11:00 am: Season 2, Episode 1 (Premiere)
12:00 pm: Season 2, Episode 6
1:00 pm: Season 2, Episode 7
2:00 pm: Season 2, Episode 11
3:00 pm: Season 2, Episode 12
4:00 pm: Season 2, Episode 13 (Finale)

Get a head start on the catching up process with EVERY full episode of "Drop Dead Diva" Season 2 on myLifetime.com now and view more Season 2 photos here!

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