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Countdown to Season 5: Spotlight on Parker

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:28AM GMT

A powerful lawyer and a bit of a playboy, Jay Parker founded Harrison & Parker and was the firm's lead partner. His affair with a married woman led to Jane getting shot at the start of the series. Throughout the first season, Parker had an antagonistic back-and-forth with Jane, whose courtroom methods he usually found ridiculous or unorthodox.

Despite their spotty working relationship, Parker stepped up to the plate to defend Jane in her disbarment hearing at the start of Season 2. Later that season Parker and Kim began dating, but their relationship was tested when Parker's former partner Claire Harrison returned to the firm. Claire and Kim butted heads, and Claire fired Kim -- only to have Parker fire her, then try to hire Kim back. Hurt over the way Parker consistently ignored his ex-girlfriends, Kim refused.

In Season 3 it seemed like Parker and Kim were trying things again. But Parker hired his former girlfriend, Elisa, as a temp, and it wasn't long before Kim figured out that Elisa's son was actually Parker's son, too. When Parker found out, he flew into a rage over the fact that he was kept in the dark for so long. He quit his job to chase after Elisa, giving Kim his share of the firm. Season 4 saw Parker return to the firm empty-handed. He lawyered up to try to gain visitation rights for his son, going up against Elisa in court. Parker also struggled with the firm's financial debt, and with Grayson's help courted a new investor, Gina. When the firm was accused of laundering money, Kim discovered Parker played a larger role in the firm's troubles than he wanted to admit. In the Season 4 finale, Kim confessed to Parker that she was pregnant with his child.

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