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Countdown to Season 5: Spotlight on Musical Numbers

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:28AM GMT

An actress with bonafide musical chops playing a character with loads of imagination is the perfect recipe for a few dream-sequence musical numbers, wouldn't you say? "Diva" has used actress Brooke Elliott's powerful pipes and the talents of its multi-talented cast (Kate Levering is a Tony Award nominee!), plus enthusiastic guest stars like Paula Abdul, to stage super fun music video-style forays into Jane's psyche.

Watch one of our favorite musical moments:

Check out photos from the musical episodes:
-Season 3, Episode 1 ("Don't Leave Me This Way")
-Season 2, Episode 12 ("I Want You to Want Me")
-Season 2, Episode 1 ("Would I Lie to You?")

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