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Countdown to Season 5: Spotlight on Kim

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:28AM GMT

Kim Kaswell (Kate Levering) didn't get off on the right foot with Jane. Not only did Kim dislike Jane because of her being overweight, but she was jealous of Jane's brains. And the feeling was mutual. Jane wasn't exactly thrilled when she found out that Kim was seeing Grayson, to say the least. (They even had a pregnancy scare!)

By the time the second season came around, Jane and Kim were full-on rivals at the firm, and Kim even testified against Jane at her disbarment hearing. Luckily, Jane was able to prove herself and as we know, continued to practice law. At the same time, Kim grew closer to Parker personally and professionally. By the end of the season, Kim was fired by her boss Claire Harrison (who also kissed Parker!).

Parker tried to apologize to Kim after spotting her at a coffee shop, but she got back to him the only way she knew how—by kicking his butt in court. Kim was then came back to the firm and was made partner. In Season 4, Kim took Jane on as her secondary partner because with Parker away, the firm was having financial difficulty. When Parker came back, the pair rekindled their relationship and in the finale of Season 4, Kim learns she is pregnant with Parker's baby.

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