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Countdown to Season 5: Spotlight on Fan Favorite Moments

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:28AM GMT

We asked and you answered! Throughout our countdown to Season 5 we've been polling to find out your favorite "Diva" moments from the first four seasons. Here's what you picked:

#3: Fred and Stacy's first kiss

The kiss that started it all...and ended it, since it was a violation of Fred's rules as a guardian angel. Stacy's memory was wiped as a result, but for a minute there everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

#2: Grayson shows up at the airport...too late

Stacy filled Grayson in on the reality of the Jane/Deb situation, and fans everywhere cheered as he rushed to the airport to see her before she went abroad. But timing is everything, and the few extra minutes that kept Grayson from there in time were just enough for Owen to make clear his own feelings for Jane. What a bummer.

#1: Grayson and Jane finally kiss!

It may have messed with a wedding ceremony and given Owen a heart attack, but after four seasons of skirting around lies and denial, Grayson and Jane kissed.

The wait for new episodes is nearly over. Tune in this Sunday, June 23 at 9.8c for the "Drop Dead Diva" Season 5 premiere!