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Countdown to Season 5: Spotlight on Best Kisses

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:28AM GMT

Sealed with a kiss! Out of the many smooches that have occurred on "Drop Dead Diva" two kisses really stick out:

Stacy and Fred's Kiss in Season 1: After pursing Stacy like it was his job, Fred finally locked lips with her and it seemed like they were the perfect couple...until the next day when Stacy had no idea who he was. Since Fred broke the rules, he had to erase her memory of everything that had to do with him. The pair eventually ended up dating, but after an affair with her costar, Stacy broke Fred's heart. At the end of Season 3 he told her everything about him being an angel (breaking the rules again!) and had to go back to heaven.

Jane and Grayson's Kiss in Season 4: The kiss we've all be waiting for? Yes! At Jane's wedding to Owen, Grayson confessed his love for her and the pair passionately kissed each other...only to have Owen walk in on them. You know how the rest goes...