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After the Episode with Lex Medlin: Season 4, Episode 9

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:27AM GMT

After the Episode with Lex Medlin: Season 4, Episode 9

Owen is back! And what better way to celebrate his return than having Lex Medlin answer your questions for this week's After the Episode!? Read his answers below:

Clara is curious: "Is your story line any way related to true life?"
Have I ever had a heart attack and heart surgery? Thankfully no. Have I ever fallen head over heals in love with someone? Thankfully yes.

Kelly from Facebook asks, "Is Owen really alive?"
Yea, I've seen all the different theories out there. I don't know how much I can say, but Owen is alive and there is much more to come.

"If Owen was so adament about calling things off, why did he change his mind so quickly?" Jamie asks. "And he seems to be flip floping on this marraige issue. Is he sure this time or are we going to see more cold feet?"
Always remember that all of Owen's actions so far come from being utterly in love with Jane (at least that's how I've been playing it so far). I think sometimes when people are crazy in love they do stupid things. I know I have in my real life. I think Owen really didn't want to hurt Jane, I mean he's not sure how long his life is going to be. Thankfully Jane stepped up in the end, which is so very Jane, and they have a shot at being together. I can't imagine Owen will get cold feet.

Amanda wants to know if you "want Owen and Jane to be together and get married? Or do you want her with Grayson?"
I love this question. The truth? I'm totally conflicted. Team Owen because I'm an actor and like being employed. Team Grayson because they are soulmates and that rings true to my heart. Team Owen because he completely adores and respects everything about Jane from the bottom of his heart. Team Grayson because he is soooo dreamy to look at (even in real life!). In the end, Jane is the heart and soul of the show and there is so much about the character that I personally find endearing. So ... #TeamJane

Nicole thinks you look handsome in the judges robe. She wants to know what was the most fun scene you've shot so far? And was it surprising that there are actually people enjoying the Jane/Owen relationship despite it being in the way of Jane/Grayson?
1) The basketball scenes were hard but fun. Jackson and I early in that day of shooting agreed to just go for it. We beat each other up pretty good. He was awesome.
2) I am completely shocked at the amount of support Jane/Owen has gotten. Jane/Grayson have a long history and many consider soulmates. I didn't think anything could sway people away from that. But hey, life isn't always black and white. Sometimes it's a messy gray.
3) JUDGES ROBES ROCK! I recommend everybody get one. They are silky/sexy and empowering at the same time. They get very hot though so I don't recommend wearing pants when you have one on. If we're ever in the courtroom and you don't see my feet during the scene? Assume I'm not wearing pants.

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