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After the Episode with Josh Stamberg: Season 4, Episode 4

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:27AM GMT

After the Episode with Josh Stamberg: Season 4, Episode 4

Another Josh is taking a stab at your questions this week — Josh Stamberg! The "Drop Dead Diva" actor loved answering the questions you submitted via Facebook and Twitter about Episode 4:

Kelly on Facebook was curious about how you think Parker has changed since last season.
Parker's having a late renaissance! Stepping up to the emotional plate and swinging for the fences... he just needs to focus on base hits ! Trying to figure out fatherhood and working hard to keep the Firm afloat, definitely has him on the run. Mainly, Parker's thinking with his heart more than his other parts. ;)

So do you think there's any hope for Parker and Kim?
Lotta hope for P&K. Who knows if they'll make it...

Ashley senses a "power struggle" between Parker and Luke. Is that going to develop further?
Yup, minor power struggle with Luke. Parker needs him, but is always ready and willing to let everyone now that his "name is on the door." He's always the boss, but even bosses have bosses... and they're rarely angels.

Claudia asked a fun question: "What kind of pake would Parker get from Stacy's pakery?
Parker would opt for a Parker Pake, of course.

And more importantly, what do you think of Parker's reaction to now being a dad?
I think Parker's thrilled about being a dad. He's definitely out of his comfort zone, but he has good instincts, lots of great help and a strong desire to be a good parent. He develops a real friendship, closeness and caring for Eric. It's looking like the best and biggest challenge of his life and he's up to the test... mainly.

View more photos from Episode 4 below:

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