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After the Episode with Josh: Season 4 Premiere

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:27AM GMT

After the Episode with Josh: Season 4 Premiere

To celebrate Season 4 of "Drop Dead Diva," we're giving you access to the show's all-knowing executive producer and creator Josh Berman! Josh is answering all of your questions from Facebook and Twitter after each new episode, and in the upcoming weeks, there will be special guest dishers also answering your Qs. (::cough cough:: "Diva" cast members ::cough cough::) Here are Josh's answers to your questions about the Season 4 premiere:

Karen, along with MANY other Facebook fans, want to know, will their beloved Fred come back?
Fred will absolutely come back this season, but we’re not going to tell anyone when he’s coming back because we want viewers to enjoy the surprise The reason he’s comes back will be one of our best twists and surprises ever.

Christina on Facebook was curious about the significance of Nikki (Kim Kardashian) and Stacy accidentally switching phones.
The significance of the phone switch, which only about half the audience caught – so for the viewers that caught that, you’re the smart ones – it will pay off in the very next episode. It has to do with the new Nikki and Stacy relationship.

Speaking of Nikki, "Diva" fan Christine "didn't get" how Nikki was "supposed to be a relationship expert, but makes a living selling muffins." Can you explain, Josh?
We all have our strengths no matter what we do and there’s always that one person in the office that you go to for advice, and Nikki is the person at the juice bar that you go to for advice.

Melanie "loved the banter between Luke and Jane" and thought it was a "nice introduction for the two of them." And Tracy thinks that Luke has "potential." But Carri wants to know, "Can Luke become Janes new love interest?"
We always played Fred more as Jane’s litte brother and Luke is a man with his own agenda. I’d like to think of Luke as a guardian angel with balls. He’s not scared to go toe-to-toe with Jane, and I think you’re going to see a lot of colors on this guardian angel. He comes on strong and in truth, Jane comes on strong. So I think they’re going to be good together.

Facebooker Tracie got straight to the point when asking Josh her question, "If Grayson asks her, is Jane going to have to deny being Deb?"
I think our cliffhanger this week was one of our best cliffhangers and one of the first times we’ve ended and episode on Grayson instead of on Jane, And that whole story line gets paid off next week. How Grayson deals with this information is permeated throughout this coming Sunday’s episode. I think this coming Sunday, if you’re a true Jane/Grayson fan, is an episode not to be missed. It takes their story further than we’ve ever gone before and the last scene is my favorite scene that we’ve ever shot. The cast loves this episode. It’s really, really emotional.

And last, but certainly not least, it's time to give an old guest star some love! Judy, who I can only assume is a huge Claymate, asks, "When are you going to have Clay Aiken again?" Clay Aiken and I have actually have become good friends thanks to “Drop Dead Diva.” At the moment we don’t have plans to have him come back. But I love the guy, so if he wants to come back, he can.

View more photos from the Season 4 Premiere below:

Tune in to Season 4, Episode 2 of "Drop Dead Diva" this Sunday night at 9/8c on Lifetime, and visit the Official "Drop Dead Diva" Facebook Twitter pages Mondays after the show to ask Josh questions about "Diva"!