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After the Episode with Jackson Hurst: Season 4, Episodes 5, 6, 7 & 8!

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:27AM GMT

After the Episode with Jackson Hurst: Season 4, Episodes 5, 6, 7 & 8

"After the Episode" may have disappeared for a bit, but it's only because I was working on a super-sized edition ... and Jackson Hurst is back! Jackson (aka Grayson) answered your Qs from Facebook and Twitter (and maybe even accepted a few marriage proposals in the process) questions about "Drop Dead Diva" Season 4, Episode 5, 6, 7 and 8!

Karen from Facebook got straight to the point: "Do you and Jane finally get together? "
It's a complicated relationship. They love each other, no doubt. But it's complicated. When he's ready, she's not and vice versa. I'm afraid with her current serious relationship, and Grayson being the respectful man he is, they will not get together — at least not this season.

Speaking of Owen, Patti asks, "Is Owen coming back?"
Wish I could answer that one for you, but that'd be a spoiler. Let's just say... watch closely...

That must make Team Owen fans happy, right? FB Fan Julie asked a truly LOL-worthy Q: "How much does it suck wearing a suit in July while filming in Atlanta?"
"Suck" doesn't even scratch the surface. But hey, you can't have lawyers wearing mesh and tanks.

I don't think anyone would mind seeing you in tank, Jackson. Just saying... April asked, "If you could make your own dream sequence for show, what would it be like?"
Cage fighting. Next question.

Denise thinks that Grayson is "uptight." When is Grayson just going to let loose and have some fun?
Yeah, the guy can be a little stiff, but he's been through a lot so can you really blame him? Truth is, he has fun, but in a chill, sit-back-and-observe kind of way. The other male characters are a bit more overt.

Melanie is a big fan of the show's musical numbers. Would you like to do more musical numbers on the show?
Ha, no. I've joked with our creator about the dance numbers — I didn't know I was signing up for a musical! I'm good without 'em.

And lastly, Flor, among many other women (and some men!) wants an answer to those four special words: Will you marry me?
Ha, I love it. Apparently, I do have a few weddings lined up it appears, but I also have an amazing lady, so they'll have to get in line :)

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