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After the Episode with Jackson Hurst: Season 4, Episode 2

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:27AM GMT

After the Episode with Jackson Hurst: Season 4, Episode 2

As promised, for Season 4's "After the Episode" series, it's not just "Drop Dead Diva" creator Josh Berman who will be answering your Qs from Facebook and Twitter. For this week's installment, I proudly present Grayson himself, Jackson Hurst. So without further ado, here are Jackson's answers to all your questions about "Drop Dead Diva" Season 4, Episode 2:

Joan on Facebook wants to know: "Grayson tends to gravitate towards women with model good looks on the outside with little within the inside. Can Grayson handle what Jane has to offer?"
I beg to differ. Grayson has dated an array of women, some very interesting and with depth. (Bt yes, they were easy on the eyes). And he especially loved Deb, saw something well below the surface that he wanted to experience for the rest of his life. He naturally sees the same in Jane and is falling for her. Granted, she's not your conventional beauty, but Grayson sees well beyond that.

Adriana brings up a good question: "If you were in his position in real life would you handle it the same way Grayson has?"
No, I wouldn't hesitate. When you love someone, when you want something so bad, you gotta go after it. Life is short. (Editor's note: Aww! <333)

Facebooker Rosemary asks, "Do you have any input as to how the Deb, Jane and Grayson is going to play out?"
Grayson will always love Deb. Trust me, the death of someone close only strengthens your love for them. I think Grayson will fall for her as Jane, regardless of his beliefs or lack thereof in the supernatural.

Christina says that Grayson is "sweet, innocent, handsome and a man with a good heart." But she is curious if Grayson has a "dark side"?
Dark is subjective. He's troubled, he's been through the ringer, his upbringing was not ideal, but he powers through. He's become hardened, but still has a heart. The fight, the battle — that's what people want to see and actors want to play.

Joann simply asks, "What's been your highlight being on the show?" It's my first time doing TV and honestly, working with different scripts, different directors and different actors — it keeps you on your toes, keeps it interesting. It's like playing a 4-month ball tournament, minus the elbows to the head.

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