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After the Episode with Carter MacIntyre: Season 4, Episode 10

By kim_messina 06/18/2014 09:27AM GMT

After the Episode with Carter MacIntyre: Season 4, Episode 10

You love to hate him! Jane's new guardian angel, Luke, (aka Carter MacIntyre) is tackling your questions about Season 4, Episode 10. Check out his answers below:

Olivia asks: "Why isn't Luke letting Jane talk to Grayson?"
Luke is on earth with a clear mission. He wants Jane to move forward with her life, to fully accept her fresh start. It's not that Luke has anything against Grayson, but I think Luke thinks he detects something in their relationship that is from Jane's old life as Deb and Luke sees this as a bad thing. Luke is fine with Jane falling in love, but that love has to be rooted in what she wants now, in the present.

Ramanda brings up a very good point. She posted on Facebook: "I thought the guardian angel couldn't date? So why is he taking Kim out? And why Kim?"
Well ... there are certain rules Luke is more than happy to bend for his own amusement. Enjoying the fairer sex is probably at the top of this list of breakable "rules." Why kim? I think Luke loves women. Period. But I think he finds Kim's strength and directness in going after what she wants irresistible ... and "she's hot."

"Luke just seems like he is not very 'angelic,'" Holly says. "Is there something up with his character?"
Luke is by no means whatsoever a perfect angel. And i can see why his drinking, teasing, womanizing and general tomfoolery could be viewed as not very angelic. But, I think Luke makes up for these possible personal shortcomings in his effectiveness in his job. Luke is very good at looking out for Jane. Even when it seems like he is being insensitive or even mean or devious, if you look closely and keep watching, I think you'll find that ultimately, Luke always leads Jane to learn about herself and to discover her path.

Ashley asks: "Who do you really want Jane to end up with?"
Who do I, Carter, really think Jane should end up with? Hmm ... I'll say ... Parker! Kidding. To be honest, at this point, I'm not sure Jane is quite ready to be with anyone. I think she might need to find some space to really figure things out before she is able to fully take the plunge.

And lastly, Rosita on Facebook asks: "How do you feel about the role your character plays in the story?"
The fun thing about the role Luke plays in the story is that he always provides something unexpected. I love that. I love that whenever I read a script, I am waiting to be surprised at what Luke will be up to this week — whether it be studying karate, buying Jane's house, providing free slushies or giving some surprisingly sage advice for Jane. And I'm really excited about the next three episodes because Luke shows up in the most unexpected ways yet!

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