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Devious Maids: Episode 12 (Proof)
Witches Of East End: A Moveable Beast
Dance Moms: Dance Moms: Abby's Top Ten Dances

Episode 15 (Vinyl and Ribbons and Fur, Oh My!)

Season 2, Episode 15 - Season 2: Episode 15 (Vinyl and Ribbons and Fur, Oh My!). Just days away from a restaurant's reopening, Molly and Cynthia help make custom corsets for the servers while a male dancer needs a control piece to support his "man boobs".
Season 2, Episode 15 - Season 2: Episode 15 (Vinyl and Ribbons and Fur, Oh My!). Air Date: 9/24/13. Molly and Cynthia are out enjoying a bite to eat when they notice the servers are in need of some serious lift. Their breasts are way too big for their tiny corset uniforms. With the restaurant's grand reopening just a few days away, Cynthia gets to work on these custom corsets. Meanwhile, a little person comes into the shop looking for a bra to fit her unique figure. And later, a male dancer needs to find a control piece to support his "man boobs". Will Molly and Cynthia be able to help all these customers? Check out Double Divas for bra tips from the divas and more.
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Double Divas: A Transgender Client
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