• Cynthia Decker and Molly Hopkins
  • Loren Schaffer

Cynthia Decker and Molly Hopkins

About Cynthia

Cynthia Decker became serious about her career in lingerie while living in London where she worked for Rigby & Peller. It was there that she learned how to alter and fit bras like a pro. Not too long after, Cynthia moved back to her native Georgia to continued working in the bra industry. In 2006, she opened LiviRae with Molly Hopkins, who has stuck with her through thick and thin. Cynthia is known for her quirky/sexy original lingerie designs and she is the creative, artistic designer/seamstress of the shop. It is Cynthia’s passion to help all women, to spread the word of health benefits of wearing the right wire and cup size.

What was your family life like growing up?
I grew up as an only child. My mom divorced my dad when I was 4 and remarried when I was 6. I had to entertain myself a lot. My parents worked a lot. I was very close to my nana, Hattie. She taught me to cook and fed me lots of oatmeal cookies! I was a kind of a fluffy tomboy.

What inspired you to take your very first job working in lingerie retail?
My first job was in Town Center mall in Kennesaw, GA. I worked at Intimacy. At that time Victoria's Secret was so popular and I was young and thought it would be a cool job so I stopped in to see if Intimacy was hiring and they were. I was top sales and convinced the owner to start bringing in D cups. I also learned that the 38B I had been wearing was all wrong and my true size was a 34C or D.

What do you do for fun?
These days for fun I spend time with my kids and my new husband. We have a ferret, two dogs and a chicken. My hobbies include sewing, making jewelry, quilting and whatever comes to my mind and occupies my crazy mind.

What's your basic philosophy for life?
Live by the Golden Rule! Trust in God and all things are possible. It is what it is, so why worry or fight it? Learn from it so that you may teach others.


 About Molly

A self-proclaimed "country girl," Molly is referred to as "Saint Molly" by her customers due to her habit of acting as therapist/spiritual healers for all. Raised on a farm outside of Atlanta, Molly knew as a teenager that she wanted to someday own her own bra shop. After taking the position at another high end lingerie store in Atlanta, Molly met her soon to be best friend Cynthia. Together they decided that with their fifty-year combined experience properly fitting bras and designing lingerie, they were destined to open their own boutique.

What was your family life like growing up?
I was raised on a farm, where from 1988 through the early 1990s, I helped do all the farm things before and after school.

Tell us about your family and daughters.
My two daughters are amazing and I am so blessed to have them. And Kenny is my manny when I'm working and he holds down the household, as well as my mom who helps me so much.

What do you do for fun?
I like to go to events with my fiancee and kids like the zoo, aquarium and ice skating. I love to make decorations for the shop at home and teach my daughter how to use old clothes to make new things. I sew and paint.

What's your basic philosophy for life?
Positive mental attitude. PMA not PMS!