• Cynthia Decker and Molly Hopkins
  • Loren Schaffer

Loren Schaffer

Loren Schaffer is not just a lingerie salesgirl—at the age of 17, she started a career in modeling and entertainment. More than a triple threat, Loren is actively pursuing her talents singing, dancing, rapping, writing, acting, modeling and she even makes a majority of her own clothing. When Loren was 18, Molly and Cynthia gave her one of her first modeling jobs when she worked the runway for LiviRae Lingerie. Loren had an instant bond with owners, Molly and Cynthia and admired the "Girl Power" movement they were creating in Atlanta. During that time, she was discovered by manager, Kevin Terrell, and together they created a powerful musical trio called The Coedz. The all-girl group consists of three members; Loren, "The Diva"; Kenzie, "The Attitude"; and Ashley, "The Sweetheart." The pop/hip-hop group is now electrifying the music scene with their unique style and energetic live performances. Molly and Cynthia have always been supporters of Loren's career, hiring The Coedz to perform at several of their events and employing Loren as a part-time sales assistant at LiviRae while she pursues her passions in the entertainment field. Loren can be found on Twitter/Instagram @LorenCoedz and her group can be found @Coedz.