Bra Tips

Double Divas Bra Tips

"My passion is to help women...all women!" Cynthia says. "I want to spread the word on the health benefits of wearing the right wire and cup size." Check out these bra tips straight from Molly and Cynthia:

-Every women should own at least seven bras

-You should have a bra for every day of the week because you wear them every day of the week

-If you think you're a D, you're probably a G

-You should also have two to three basics, sport, strapless, sexy/fun and black lace bras

-If it's remotely visible, it's not a secret

-The newest bra trends are: high-waisted brief, panty with garters coupled with a retro bullet bra and sheer cups in neon colors

-If you only have one bra, make it a black lace bra