About the Show

Professional fitness trainer and health expert Jessie Pavelka and psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser return to guide and coach an all-new tribe as they work toward creating healthier and happier lives, one pound at a time. "DietTribe" Season 2 follows five women for 120 days as they struggle to stay on track through the toughest workouts of their lives and face the scale each week to see how far they’ve come both mentally and physically.

Sisters Stephanie Taulealea (40) and Tiffany Young (36) have shared everything about their lives, including their bad eating habits and gastric bypass surgeries. Despite the medical procedures, they have gained back most of the weight. The sisters know now is the time to take control of their weight and their lives. Stephanie and Tiffany enlist the help and support of their "softball mom" friends to reach their weight-loss goals. Joining Stephanie and Tiffany are Mary Lasnier (38), a stay-at-home mom who has packed on the weight; LaNessa Watson (27), the only "non-mom" in the group, who suffers from low self-esteem; and Rita Porter (33), a former athlete who longs to regain her old body.

The women of "DietTribe" still maintain their daily routines with their families, stressful jobs and everyday struggles of life, but, now, with the help of Jessie and Stacy, they must refocus and carve out time to exercise and learn to live healthier. This season Jessie raises the stakes when he challenges the tribe to lose between 35-50 pounds and compete in a triathlon at the end of their four month journey.

"DietTribe" is produced by Pie Town Productions for Lifetime Television. Tara Sandler ("House Hunters"), Jennifer Davidson ("$40 a Day"), Kris Curry ("The Family") and Scott Templeton ("Design on a Dime") serve as executive producers. Annie Price ("Oprah’s Big Give") is co-executive producer and show-runner. Courtney Paulson (Nashville) is the producer.