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About DietTribe

Professional fitness trainer and health expert Jessie Pavelka and psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser return to guide and coach an all-new tribe as they work toward creating healthier and happier lives, one pound at a time. "DietTribe" Season 2 follows five women for 120 days as they struggle to stay on track through the toughest workouts of their lives and face the scale each week to see how far they’ve come both mentally and physically.

Sisters Stephanie Taulealea and Tiffany Young have shared everything about their lives, including their bad eating habits and gastric bypass surgeries. Despite... Learn More >>>

Full Episodes & Video Diaries

Watch Jessie Pavelka and Stacy Kaiser help five friends go from fat to fit with full episodes of "DietTribe" online. Then, go one-on-one with Jesse and Stacy in their video diaries!

Jessie's Workout & Food Prep

Trainer Jessie Pavelka shares the same "DietTribe" workout plan and food prep that he used on the show. Follow along with the ladies at home as they get healthy on the show.

Find out what the Season 2 Tribe's eight-week diet was like! Follow the "DietTribe" meal plan to get on the right track as you begin your own weight loss journey.

Need some serious inspiration? Check out the before and after weight loss photos from the ladies of "DietTribe," along with episodic pictures and more fitness and diet photo galleries.

Plan a Healthy Plate

The healthy plate model is an easy way to smartly plan meals. It will guide you in planning serving sizes and choosing foods. Start planning wise meal choices now.

Check out our food exchange list to give yourself more meal choices within each food group.

Will you keep the weight off? Is your fitness regimen outdated? Take fun and informative Health and Fitness Quizzes to improve your fitness and weight-loss know-how.

Swinging by the supermarket and don't know what to pick up? We have your "DietTribe" shopping list ready for you to make smart decisions in the food aisle.

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