• Ana Ortiz as Marisol Suarez
  • Dania Ramirez as Rosie Falta
  • Roselyn Sanchez as Carmen Luna
  • Judy Reyes as Zoila Diaz
  • Edy Ganem as Valentina Diaz
  • Tom Irwin as Adrian Powell
  • Rebecca Wisocky as Evelyn Powell
  • Brianna Brown as Taylor Stappord
  • Brett Cullen as Michael Stappord
  • Grant Show as Spence Westmore
  • Susan Lucci as Genevieve Delatour
  • Drew Van Acker as Remi Delatour
  • Naya Rivera as Blanca Alvarez
  • Gilles Marini as Sebastien Dussault
  • Cristián de la Fuente as Ernesto Falta
  • Nathan Owens as Jesse Morgan
  • Ivan Hernandez as Javier Mendoza
  • John O'Hurley as Dr. Christopher Neff
  • Eva Longoria
  • Marc Cherry
  • Sabrina Wind

Tom Irwin

Adrian Powell
Tom Irwin

Tom Irwin is a member of the Steppenwolf Theatre Co. and since 1979 has been involved in over 50 productions with the Chicago-based company as either an actor or director. Highlights with Steppenwolf include: "A Parallelogram" (also Mark Tapper), "The Grapes of Wrath" (also La Jolla and The Royal National Theatre London), "Balm in Gilead" (also Off-Broadway), "My Thing of Love" (also Broadway), "Lydie Breeze" (also Sydney and Perth), "Space" (also Off-Broadway), "The Homecoming," "Tracers," "Hedda Gabler" and "Frank’s Wild Years" with Tom Waits. In addition to his many television guest star and movie roles, he was regularly seen in "My Life and Times," "Related," "Saving Grace," and as Graham Chase in "My So-Called Life." His film credits include "21 Grams," "Deceived," "Midnight Run" and "Marley and Me."

Adrian Powell

Adrian and his wife Evelyn have closure on the death of their son. Unfortunately, their marriage is now going too smoothly, and Adrian must find a way to spice it up. Of course, his choice is far from the conventional.