Season 3 Premieres in 2015
  • Ana Ortiz as Marisol Suarez
  • Dania Ramirez as Rosie Falta
  • Roselyn Sanchez as Carmen Luna
  • Judy Reyes as Zoila Diaz
  • Edy Ganem as Valentina Diaz
  • Tom Irwin as Adrian Powell
  • Rebecca Wisocky as Evelyn Powell
  • Grant Show as Spence Westmore
  • Mariana Klaveno as Peri Westmore
  • Susan Lucci as Genevieve Delatour
  • Drew Van Acker as Remi Delatour
  • Mark Deklin as Nicholas Deering
  • Joanna Adler as Opal Sinclair
  • Colin Woodell as Ethan Sinclair
  • Dominic Adams as Tony Bishara
  • Matt Cedeño as Alejandro Rubio
  • Melinda Page Hamilton as Odessa Burakov
  • Eva Longoria
  • Marc Cherry
  • Sabrina Wind

Drew Van Acker

Remi Delatour
Drew Van Acker

Prior to joining the cast of "Devious Maids," Drew Van Acker recurred on the past two seasons of "Pretty Little Liars" as Jason DiLaurentis. Van Acker also starred on Cartoon Network’s 2010 live-action "Tower Prep" as Ian Archer, a rebel who works to master a mysterious unique ability. Van Acker was first seen as Ryan Welling on’s "The Lake."

Remi Delatour

As if in a storybook romance, Remi and Valentina fell in love in the first season. But then Remi learned that his father was a murderer, and everything began to fall apart. Reevaluating his life, and perhaps trying to make up for his father’s sins, Remi joined a medical mission in the Congo. He left for Africa, suddenly, without saying goodbye to Valentina, but she followed him there anyways, desperate to salvage their love.