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Dance Moms: Tell All Part One

Season 3, Episode 19 - Season 3: Dance Moms: Tell All Part One. Abby and the Moms look back on Season 3. Christi and Kelly talk about their friendship while Abby reminds Christi of her suspension. Plus the girls perform some of their best routines.
Season 3, Episode 19 - Season 3: Dance Moms: Tell All Part One. Original air date: 5/7/13. Dance Moms' executive producer Jeff Collins sits down with Abby Lee Miller and the Moms to revisit Season 3. After a wild and explosive season, Christi and Kelly finally dish on how their friendship was tested and when Abby reminds Christi of the suspension, tensions are high and one of the ladies leaves the stage. Plus the cast answers audience questions and the Abby Lee Dance Company girls perform some of their best dance routines. Check out "Dance Moms" photos and extras!
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