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Episode 25 (Solo Fever)

Season 2, Episode 25 - Season 2: Episode 25 (Solo Fever) With Nationals coming up, Abby assigns each girl a solo and warns that she will be watching their performance. Meanwhile, Kelly helps Brooke with her singing career in LA.
Season 2, Episode 25 - Season 2: Episode 25 (Solo Fever) Original air date: 9/4/12. With Nationals next week, Abby must decide who will be dancing. To help make her decision, Abby assigns each girl, except Maddie, a solo and warns that she will be watching their performance like a hawk. After several weeks of not being in the spotlight, Maddie must prove to Abby that she still has the ambition to take on a solo. Also Paige's injured foot could cost her a spot at Nationals. Meanwhile, the dance moms take advantage of being in California this week. Melissa tries to sign her daughters with an agency and Kelly helps Brooke with her singing career. Check out "Dance Moms" photos and extras!
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