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Episode 22 (Revenge of the Candy Apples)

Season 2, Episode 22 - Season 2: Episode 22 (Revenge of the Candy Apples) It's up to Chloe to win one for the team when Maddie drops out of her solo in the battle between the Abby Lee Dance Company and the Candy Apples.
Season 2, Episode 22 - Season 2: Episode 22 (Revenge of the Candy Apples) Original air date: 8/14/12. When Cathy learns her Dance Mom Jill and daughter Kendal have gone back to the Abby Lee Dance Company, she plots her revenge at the next competition. After Abby discovers that Cathy's dancers will be there, she asks Maddie to do a solo, but Maddie turns down the opportunity when Melissa says "no" to the last minute addition. Now the pressure to win the solo category falls completely on Chloe. Meanwhile, Melissa battles the other dance moms over the theme of this week's group dance. Check out "Dance Moms" photos and extras!
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