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Episode 14 (The Battle Begins)

Season 2, Episode 14 - Season 2: Episode 14 (The Battle Begins) After a devastating lost to the Candy Apples, Abby is back but with Maddie sitting on the bench it's up to Chloe to step up for the Abby Lee Dance Company.
Season 2, Episode 14 - Season 2: Episode 14 (The Battle Begins) Original air date: 6/5/12. At their last competition, Abby ran and left the moms and the girls at the show after Maddie froze on stage and they lost the group number to the Candy Apples. But now she is back! With Maddie sitting on the bench until she regains her confidence, Chloe holds the fate of the Abby Lee Dance Company on her shoulders. Will Abby be able to convince Maddie to dance to clinch the win? Check out "Dance Moms" photos and extras!
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