Dance Moms Episode 8 Group DanceAttention "Dance Moms" fans: we know you love the music featured on the show each week, so we're going to bring it to you! We'll be expanding our "Dance Moms" Music Guide shortly but for now, get the details on the songs featured in the routines for Season 2, Episode 8. And stay tuned for an updated music guide featuring even MORE downloads, streams and artist information.

Nia's Solo: "I'll Do Anything For You" by Kadie Hodges

Kendall's Solo "I Think I Like You" by Eagle Eye
Download "I Think I Like You" on iTunes!

Cathy's Group Dance: "The Funeral"

Group Dance: "Head Over Heels"

Stream "Head Over Heels" below: XCD206_10 AETN HEAD OVER HEELS by TinyDancerExtreme