Dance Moms Season 3

Casting now for "Dance Moms" Season 4! Seeking dancers 13 or under and their moms. Email and include the following info:

-City and State located in subject line
-Mom's name
-Name and Age of Dancer (include DOB-must be 13 or under)
-Name of dance studio you attend
-Phone number and email
-Picture of mom and dancer
-Mom must provide brief description of level of talent of child
-List awards and accomplishments/list competitions you have won
-Mom please tell us in what ways are you a Dance Mom
-Provide a link to your kids best dance performance
-Why should you be on "Dance Moms"

All info above must be included in your email to be considered for the casting, so double check you have answered every question asked of you. Remember mom, you are submitting for yourself and your kid.

Good luck!